More oil throwing turbines

By:  Diane Benjamin

Maintenance seems to be lacking at the wind farm east of town.  I wonder if Darin LaHood saw the mess when he visited last week?  Did sound like it since he praised wind energy.

The black is OIL!  Many of the turbines look just like this!



5 thoughts on “More oil throwing turbines

  1. Nobody talks about 4th Generation Nuclear? In my mind that is the future until will harness fusion power.


    1. Exactly! I’m baffled as to way more money isn’t invested in this. It is the future, without a doubt. Clean, limitless, and eventually, cheap energy. I’m guessing those with interests in yesterday’s technology are the ones stonewalling it…


  2. Carbon Points! Clean Energy? Take into consideration How MUCH IRON/STEEL, coal, etc, has to be MINED, and the fuel to haul it there and the energy to bring the crew and such to the site –WHEN it’s site ready, and yeah, it’s GREEN ENERGY! HOW can it be ANYTHING else, it’s in the middle of a cornfield!
    It’s been PROVEN time and TIME AGAIN that NUCLEAR IS the most EFFICIENT method of making electrical power.
    And as for the leftover byproducts, the French have made some MAJOR progress in sealing the waste in ceramics..
    But I”m SURE that AOC and her ilk will still be hollering about the effects of bovine methane! I imagine with all HER BS she’s QUITE the expert on the subject by now!

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