School news you might have missed

By:  Diane Benjamin

First, remember how Darin Lahood told us he was a conservative?  Didn’t he say he would stop Common Core?

He voted YES on the massive Education funding bill this week without reading it.  Nobody in Congress had time to read it.  The same games played by John Boehner continue under Paul Ryan. Bills are negotiated in secret and brought to the floor for an emergency vote. There is never time to read bills over 1000 pages long.  Lahood issued a Press Release listing the organizations supporting the bill.  Funny how they also support Common Core.  (This bill was the result of a conference committee between the House and Senate)

64 Republican members of Congress voted against it, so the Democrats were needed to pass it.  Every one of them voted YES.  Republicans are in charge of the House, but leadership is using their control to pass the Democrat’s agenda.  Lahood is now part of the problem, no surprise.

More news:

The school district in Palatine, Il was told by the Feds a trans-gendered boy must be allowed access to the girls locker room.  The ACLU sued on his/her behalf.  This week the school board capitulated – against the wishes of about 80% of the citizens who attended the meeting.

Your kids are targets of the culture war, but that’s nothing new.  Home schooling yet?  Think upending the gender line stops here?

What we allow our kids will embrace. 

The first link below is the view from the Illinois Family Institute, a very conservative group.  The second is from the Department of Education.  Read both and let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “School news you might have missed

  1. I think the school had earlier offered the confused young man a separate bathroom, dressing room. That should have been more than sufficient. The leftist position is self destruction and take everyone else down with them.

  2. As a taxpayer, I’d be pissed. All I saw was dollar signs while reading reading that. BS like that keeps many people in government jobs or government grant-funded positions. It has less to do with transgender equality . . . that’s just the prop . . . it’s all about them showing some “work.” Personally, I don’t know why PE is foisted on high-schoolers anyway. It’s just shitstorm of opportunity for kids to “accidentally” injure someone. I don’t know if PE has changed much or not . . . but the classes I attended were not at all educational on physical fitness. Not at all. It was more like some twisted rite of passage/tradition. Oh well. What I did perfect was my ability to attend roll call and then walk back into the locker room, change, and ditch class.

  3. Do you have more information on the Education Bill? Rep Davis is touting it as a big victory and only states the points that sound like good changes.

  4. If you dont have time to read the bill you should always vote no. My Brother Donald Rients would definitely never had voted yes to something he didnt read. Maybe next time Lahood will not be voted in.

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