Normal didn’t get $6 mil more, they only got $3,157,375

By: Diane Benjamin

See original story:

Monday packet:

PDF page 62:

Either people all across the country are funding Normal’s amenities or money is being printed so Normal can have an underpass vehicles can’t use. Brilliant. Oh, the Subway inside the Amtrak station closed, another Uptown success story.

Remember what Normal did when you are sitting behind a train blocking traffic on Linden but people and bikes don’t have to wait because they get their own underpass.

Also review this story:

IDOT increased funding by $1.88 million. Expect celebrations Monday night, Normal got everybody else to fund most of their want.

The people who won’t be celebrating are those from Wintergreen subdivision because Jason Barickman’s development will be approved and thus devalue their properties.

See the bottom of PDF page 112 and following for concerns raised by area homeowners. Barickman met with area residents last night. I hear he wants to RENT all the new houses. That accomplishes one of government’s goals: Destroy generational wealth. “You will own nothing and be happy”.





7 thoughts on “Normal didn’t get $6 mil more, they only got $3,157,375

  1. Normal doesn’t give 2 shits about the taxpayers and residents.
    – The underpass will be built regardless of the cost because bicyclists are the most important people.
    – Residents have no say compared to developers with political connections who can direct more funding for the ef’ing underpass.

    They could build their rental complex next to Pam Reece’s house, but silly me, the queen wouldn’t allow it. She’ll ef’up a nice neighborhood like Wintergreen instead. We’ll get the huge CT busses screwing up our streets to serve the rentals to0.

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  2. Besides the rental plan, what else did JB jr have to say to the area residents? North Normal residents ought to pack the council chambers on Monday and I’ll be there. Might at least get some media attention so the uncaring non-voters of Normal may actually take notice of how the Koos Kingdom triumphs over citizen feedback. Sadly I don’t expect it will change any council votes.

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    1. Don’t worry, Rivian will save the day. I heard from a reliable source that everyone’s house value increased fifty percent duribg the last valuation period. By the way ” Chris did that”.


  3. The council will rubber stamp as Koos tells them too. Be prepared for excuses like “we have no legal reason to say no” or “the EDC says Normal needs more rentals” and “this is what economic development looks like”. This will pass so Shirk can sell the land. Shirk is a founding member of Koos’s Responsible Cities PAC.

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    1. The development should be built on land occupied by IWU. The Shirks love Wesleyan and vice- versa. A former basketball coach loved him so much I bet he would sell his Mercer Ave. home for a dollar and raze it so Jim could build it on his former property. Long live the Clique.


  4. As for Subway, they’ve had to negotiate rent deals with the town council at least two different times when their contract expired. Let that one sink in. If one of the world’s largest fast food franchises cannot afford the rent in Uptown, who can? I think we all know the answer to that one. The Town of Normal for overinflated office rent that benefits their favorite out of town developers.

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