County Board rejects police hater

By: Diane Benjamin

The Board members take turns starting the meetings with Invocation or Moment of Silence. See 15:45 for democrat Val Laymon’s version. I assume nobody was supposed to laugh.

Don Knapp was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill a vacancy as judge caused by the retirement of Paul Lawrence – effective September 16th. Resumes for his replacement need submitted to the County Administrators office by September 7th.

There was a MUST HEAR public comment at 19:20 from the head of the Sheriff’s Deputies Union. He appeared because the democrats wanted to appoint Krystle Able to fill a District 4 Board member vacancy. He referred to this post from Able:

3 Board members were absent. Every Democrats voted for the appointment, every Republican voted against. Former pretend Republican Josh Barnett voted yes. Remember this vote is he decides to run for Bloomington City Council.

If you ever needed more proof of what party takes law enforcement seriously and which one doesn’t watch the vote. Just hit play below.

There will be a special meeting on 8/26 to consider the appointment again. Krystle Able is still planning on being on the November ballot.

11 thoughts on “County Board rejects police hater

  1. Oh great. Another law enforcement hater. I’m sure Chung really likes her. She’s the one antagonizing prisons at the McLean County jail. Encouraging them to be disruptive. Note the next meeting on 8/26 at 5:30——–

    1. Sharon just loves all people. That is why she ran for County board and is now running for the statehouse. Sharon has no personal or political ambitions in anything she does. She is just another foreign immigrant who loves America and shows it In her daily life actions.That is why she left one screwed up country (Korea) and wants to do the same for the good ole USA. She also spreads love and understanding through her music. She is also brilliant, otherwise she would not be working at IWU, where everyone is the best of the best. Don’t be alarmed by her communist friends, she is only interested in living in BN to give her children a great community to grow up in. John McIntyre only put her friend’ s nomination forward because he didn’t have any choice. Academics are wonderful people.

      1. But you don’t support the police either. How many times has Mr. Blumenshine come on this blog? He chartered a bus to the January 6th insurrection. Over 140 police were injured and 5 died. You have yet to acknowledge that fact.

        Just because someone calls for police reform doesn’t make them a “police hater”. You are purposely distorting Ms Able’s views police

  2. The story say resumes for a replacement should be in by September 7th. The chairman said it was August 22nd. As info. 

    1. Your media is lying to you. 3 committed suicide, one had numerous strokes, and I don’t remember why the 5th one died. None of them died on Jan 6th, 1 Trump supporter was shot. The 3 suicides are cause unknown. Maybe they couldn’t handle lying about what really happened.

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