IDOT contact info

By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader attended the Open House at Bloomington City Hall last night concerning bike lanes on Rt 9.

A representative from IDOT claimed he found out about the meeting at the last minute.  He also said the City Council can pass a resolution saying yes or no to bike lanes.

Since the Council has proven they love to waste money and make driving more difficult and dangerous, I doubt they will listen to opinions of people who don’t want this waste of money.  The heaviest users of the bike lanes on E Washington are the buses who can’t stay in their lane while making turns and Fed-X/UPS trucks making deliveries.

Here’s the contact information for the guy who was present.  Email the Council AND this guy with your opinion:

IDOT contact

Council contact info:

3 thoughts on “IDOT contact info

  1. Ha! I think divine intervention has something to do with it.
    IDOT or IDIOT?
    Illinois or ILL-annoy?
    Of course there is a reason for all things.

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