Answering Nora talking points UPDATE

This is a comment just made by the person described below.

BTW, What I have written aren’t “Nora’s talking points” they are my points. A reporter has no more right to come to my place of residence than you do. You say you will “shoot” me if I show up. Reporter and radio personalities showing up at people’s residences is lazy, sleazy and unprofessional in the extreme. Just because it’s become fashionable doesn’t make it right or IS IT part of the press doing it job. There is NOTHING in the Constitution stating that trespassing is part of the 1st Amendment. It is YOU who has made this an issue, and it is YOUR sleazy reporting of this situation that is despicable, not Nora’s actions of being accosted by a radio personality full of B.S.

Understand why this person will NEVER get a comment posted again?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I think I’ve permanently banned only one person from commenting on this site.  Vulgar language is part of the reason, plagiarizing other websites trying to make a point is another.  The person always wants some response from me, frankly I don’t have the time for all day back and forths when my opinions don’t matter to them anyway.

Today I received another patch of comments sympathetic to Nora.  The IP address isn’t close to local, so ignoring is easy.   Most of the comments lacked the ability to analyze the situation, but a few other people have mentioned.  Since I refuse to post the comments (it is MY site, my rules!), I will answer legitimate concerns.

1)  There has been no proof given that Fistbump knew Nora was sick at home.  The City wouldn’t answer questions from him, so why would they tell him Nora was sick?

2)  People come to my house all the time unannounced.  Girl Scouts selling cookies, the mail lady, Fed X, a lady who slid in a ditch last winter, a guy in a ditch at 3 am a couple of winters ago – I could go on.  The 3am was a little freaky, but I didn’t run to the police!

3)  What if it was my daughter?  I raised her to be confident with the ability to handle situations instead of hysterically filing a police report.  My daughter wouldn’t flip out because somebody knocked on her door.  Just last weekend, somebody did.  She handled it!  Nora is over 30 – she got hysterical because of a knock on her door?

4)  Nora could have yelled through the door:  “No comment”.  She didn’t.

5)  Nora claims Fistbump’s behavior is the problem.  Does she mean asking question the City doesn’t like?  His speech at Council meetings?  Exactly what behavior?

6)  Fistbump is unprofessional?  Really?  You have never seen reporters at people’s houses?  Reporters go where the story is – people’s houses included.

7)  The Supreme Court has ruled that “bloggers” are the press.  Another reason that person is banned – facts are immaterial

8)  If you think Fistbump was unprofessional and should be fired for going to her home, you don’t understand the law or the media.  Start watching the news – REPORTERS go to people’s houses unannounced ALL the TIME!

9)  The clown making comments has threatened to come to my house to see how I like it.  Note:  The 2nd Amendment is practiced at my house!  I won’t be calling the police.  I did once for a relative living close by.  There was one car patrolling and he was at on the other side of the county.  I will stop the threat myself instead of waiting hours for law enforcement.  That’s why the 2nd Amendment exists.

10)  The City of Bloomington is involved.  Tari mentioned “Our” filing at Monday’s Council meeting.  He tried to pretend Nora was doing this all on her own.  Tari will use anybody to make a point.  He also lied about this being a felony.  I’ve posted the police report and no charges have been filed.  Does the Council support their lying mayor?  Seriously folks?  How about the 8 pots all walk out during the next public comment!  Show how classless you all are.  I wonder what lawyer Alderman Buragas thinks?  Crickets.

17 thoughts on “Answering Nora talking points UPDATE

  1. I have been reading this site daily for the last few years. Mostly silent, but very appreciative of what is said and reported here. I also have been watching the public comments at the council meetings. The bottom line is, this City is screwed. What makes matters worse is Renner is similar to Obama’s first term in that he can do whatever he wishes because no one will stop him. My blood boils when I read the things that are going on. Even when you have the illusion that your efforts will cause a positive change, I was at the waste of time citizen summit. That group sent a loud and clear message to our “aldermen” to change your spending priorities. Just as I suspected, we were marginalized. This Council (save 1 person) is clueless and out of control and nothing can derail this train for a long time, which means more wasteful spending and dont forget your new hotel.

    1. I have to add a correction. I’ve banned 2 people for life. The other one thought my site was his personal blog. I told him to go start his own.

  2. Mayor Tari also stated Tuesday night that Fist Bump tried to enter a secured building? What’s he referring to here? If it’s City Hall, it’s not a secured building.

  3. I see this as just another case of using the courts and law enforcement to bully. I have recently watched the woman jailed until she signed consent to have her son circumcised, sitting there crying and shackled signing a document under obvious duress to allow someone to perform an unnecessary surgical procedure on her child. If that isn’t state sponsored bullying, I don’t know what is.

    Now here locally, a legitimate radio news reporter is being ‘bullied’ with police action and this civil action which truly appears to be backed by our city administration. Even if the courts rule in their favor, the mere cost to fistbump and/or his employer is another way to bully them into silence.

    I don’t know what he would have asked her but… Why not answer the hard questions? As a citizen I know I won’t agree with every decision of the city council but I expect them to answer questions about their decisions honestly and publicly. They appear to have hired a communications director to do just that. If she hasn’t been given the talking points yet, she can say no comment. That I can respect.

    A council member that refuses to listen to citizens during public comment should be disciplined. If they are not professional enough to hear the bad along with the good they are obviously not qualified for the position. This unwillingness to even listen to a dissenting opinion is incomprehensible to me. How do we continue to elect representatives that have no interest in our opinions? As our representative to the council their job is to bring proposals to the public they represent, explain what that proposal will do for our community, the cost, pros, cons, etc. They then get our majority decision and take OUR preference back to the council in the form of a vote. Or am I mistaken? Is that not representative government?

  4. I have a theory… I think Nora has a high school crush on Fistbump. She is nervous when he’s near her and gets all emotional about him. She seems immature that way…homesick and all.

  5. You made some excellent points! Nora says Fistbump’s behavior is the problem, and that allegedly made her freak out. How about Tari’s misogynic behavior when he went after you and called you a human cancer and other vile names? How about the numerous times he has attacked Ald. Stearns? If she was really as sensitive and scared as she portrays herself to be when Fistbump came knocking on her door (1 knock) , she should be freaking out over Tari more than anyone else. Professor TINO-Mayor Renner has shown time and time again that he is unstable. I might be misinformed so please correct me if I am wrong. Isn’t Bloomington under Home Rule? Second, if so, then can’t we petition for a Recall Election?

    1. Home Rule yes, don’t know about a recall. I thought somebody investigated that when he flipped out on my site and there was no provision. We can repeal Home Rule to stop Council tax increases though.

    2. The Mayor should have been reminded that he could be censured (again) for his outburst following public comment. Even if you think censuring is a joke, his legacy would be breaking his own record as the only Mayor of Bloomington to be censured twice.

  6. I believe someone told Nora what to do is the only thing I can think of. Possibly Mayor Professor Lawyer and I am doubtful David Hales who is likely just as clueless what day and year it is and would need a consultant to decide what to do did.

    Most (99.9%) people would have answered the door. A professional person or someone with any common sense would have answered and told Fistbump they were sick and to contact them at their office later.

    Can you imagine the police and courts getting heavily involved in what reporters do as well as the paparazzi. Likely the officer who took the report did nothing more because he probably knows if this went to court the judge would just laugh at him and get PO’d tying up his court time. I doubt Nora could even get a lawyer to represent her. Well maybe one to take her money and laugh all of the way to the bank.

  7. paranoia |ˌparəˈnoiə|
    a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.
    • suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification: the global paranoia about hackers and viruses.

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