Nora Dukowitz: The Police Report

By:  Diane Benjamin

Unlike Bloomington who NEVER answers Freedom of Information Requests early and frequently extends them, Normal ALWAYS answers!  I certainly don’t approve of how Normal operates financially, but Tari could learn transparency from the Town of Normal.  Normal has never tried to hide anything they are doing.

Yesterday I did a FOIA request for any police reports filed by Nora Dukowitz.  Normal didn’t wait 5 days to give me the information, I received it today.

View the Police report here:  Nora Dukowitz Police Report

Bloomington, your disgraced mayor claimed Tuesday night that Fistbump (Josh Schmidgall) is being investigated for felony stalking.

The report clearly states “possible disorderly conduct”, which isn’t a felony.

The story as I know it is:

  • Josh went to her apartment after she would not respond to questions at City Hall
  • The door to her apartment building was either wide open or not locked
  • No charges have been filed against Josh
  • Josh knocked on her door
  • When she didn’t answer, he left his business card

Much of the rest of the document was redacted.  It does picture Nora as being close to hysterical when the police arrived.

Since an immediate order of protection was not issued against Josh and no charges have been filed against him, did the police really believe Nora was stalked and threatened as Renner stated?  Did Alderman Diana Hauman know the facts before she disgraced herself by walking out during public comment when a guy from Cities 92.9 spoke?

It sure doesn’t appear to be the case.  Josh may have a case against Tari though.

Court June 4th – civil not criminal.  I’m dying to hear how a knock on the door created hysteria.

21 thoughts on “Nora Dukowitz: The Police Report

  1. Wow! All this fuss over nothing. Looks like Nora has some growing up to do. Hardly what I would consider stalking. Tino-Tari really got the facts wrong on this one. What is truly revealed here is that the woman feels threatened by her obligation to be responsible and deal with the press. June 4, will be a day of embarrassment to Nora, the mayor, and city council. Another waste of taxpayer resources.


  2. Disorderly conduct, my gawd don’t the police have better things to do? If you call this disorderly conduct that would be a stretch to say the least. Crying, now that one I had to laugh on. For someone homesick shouldn’t they be living in mommy and daddy’s home where it is safe?

    So if I live in Normal, IL and if the postman knocks on my door and leaves a package delivery attempt postcard and wakes me up I can file a disorderly conduct report with the police?

    I presume there were no witnesses. I presume she didn’t answer the door so how do we know the person being accused was in fact there. It could have been anyone who left the business card. A $151.73 hourly paid police officer wasted how much time on this petty bs.


  3. It must have been a slow day in Normal, IL and the city needs the revenue from a disorderly conduct fine. Sure, so that is why it was written up as such.


      1. I don’t know but I believe it would be up to the police officer to officially charge Josh with disorderly conduct. There may be a law that states it has to be done within a number of days or hours. I don’t really know. Certainly you would think after 10 days charges would have been filed if the officer thought it should be. The officer probably determined it had no merit so why tie up his time in court. Maybe that is why she decided to petition the court for protection. Hard to say. She must have talked to someone and they advised her what to do. Most people wouldn’t know to do that on their own.


  4. I can understand her not wanting to answer the door. My wife does not like to answer the door when I’m not home and sometimes she won’t answer it especially if the person is not in a uniform. We have never gotten a restraining order though.

    To me this seems like a case where she panicked and overreacted which is understandable given she works for a controversial mayor and city manager that lots of people disagree with. Fistbump is a little intimidating too. I do wonder if he was wearing a radio station shirt? Also, how did they identify him? Was it her, another witness, or security cameras?


      1. I think the point is…. if he left MY business card on her door, does that mean i was there too?


  5. My concern is how heavily the report was redacted. I believe that this is a violation of the FOI. the police report with ALL OF ITS INFORMATION is public record.


    1. I wondered about that myself too.

      Yes, don’t hand out your business card otherwise someone from Normal will file a disorderly conduct report if it shows up placed in a door jamb. LMAO


  6. The Illinois law that covers disorderly conduct requires that a person commits an act in such an unreasonable manner that it alarms or disturbs someone AND to commit a breach of the peace while doing so.
    It’s fairly safe to assume that the radio station personality was not doing anything in such an unreasonable manner while simply knocking on the door or ringing a doorbell while in the course of his routine profession as a local, publicly and well-known news reporter, but also by leaving a business card to make known not only that he was there, but to establish his identity. According to the law, this is definitely not unreasonable behavior.
    In fact, it is just the opposite – the exact, and most reasonable behavior to be expected in all aspects in the course of his job.
    It’s also fairly safe to assume – and begs the question of why and how – that this type of legal, routine act by radio personality/news reporter could have cause any alarm or why it should have disturbed anyone, especially a person whose job responsibility entails dealing with communications and news media, exactly the category the radio personality’s own job falls within.
    Finally, to have satisfied an act of disorderly conduct, a breach of the peace would have had to have been committed in the course. Again, its fair to assume, since there have been no action taken by authorities, and since there is no indication in the police report, that no other illegal activity occurred that would have amounted to a breach the peace.
    Conversely, since there are no public facts or any known evidence that indicate or verify that the radio personality was engaged in any illegal activity and according to what the City employee alleges by insinuation, according to the disorderly conduct law, could she find herself on the wrong side of the law by filing a questionable complaint?
    I say, case dismissed.


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