UPDATE – What do you think?

Guess who returned!

twitNora, since the media refuses to inform citizens, somebody has to.  It’s the LAW:



By:  Diane Benjamin

There used to be three Facebook pages and a couple of Twitter accounts dedicated to attacking me and some other local conservatives.  Issues were never discussed, just attacks.  The pages had very few followers, childish attacks just don’t get received well.

All of them stopped when I did a Freedom of Information request for Nora Dukowitz’s computer logs.  I’m sure there was no connection!

The attacks couldn’t have launched at City Hall!

Yesterday I got a response to this story from one of the twitter accounts:  https://blnnews.com/2016/09/22/anybody-see-a-problem/

Note – I welcomed Nora back and the response didn’t deny it was Nora.

twitterI didn’t receive any further responses.

Maybe I should FOIA her computer log again!



7 thoughts on “UPDATE – What do you think?

  1. You know for a guy with a PhD in politics, Tari Renner isn’t very smart. Of course he’s behind all of this and it’s written in Nora’s unofficial job description that you’ll never get with an FOIA request. Nora is along the same lines as Brexton Isaacs. Reener Pawns. That’s all there are. I have to love the marvelous way you and others have beaten Renner at his own game. It’s hilarious. Yet at the same time this is our city government and it’s pretty sad.


  2. Whoever wrote that twitter post has a serious reading comprehension issue. I can’t recall anytime you have told the citizens of Bloomington “how to run their city” other than tell them to vote. All taxpayers have a legal right to know how their money may be spent. Having a private, invitation-only meeting at a downtown restaurant does not foster trust in government nor does it promote city-wide support for downtown redevelopment.

    Information is presented on this website. Offering constructive criticism is not the same as telling people what to do. Freedom of Speech is guaranteed by the Constitution. The “city” consists of the entire populace, not just the Mayor, Council, Manager, Staff or select “stakeholders.”

    There are two paths that can be taken in response to @BloNoWatchdog. FOIA the computer log or dismiss the comment as an inconsequential rant from someone who includes in their moniker “BloNo.”


  3. Two things I find ironically comical are the handle BLONO WATCHDOG (as if)…along with the avatar of what looks like a jackal (scavenger of what’s left of the taxpayer?).


  4. Decent, traditional minded people: BLM-NL

    Left-wing wack jobs (And bicycle terrorists): BloNo

    Notice how often this is the case. Funny, really.


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