Renner circumvents appointments and more

By:  Diane Benjamin

This item is on the Agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting:

jordanaAt the August 8, 2016 meeting, Tari tried to abolish the liquor Commission and crown himself the only guy in charge.  He took it off the agenda before anybody discussed it.  See this post:

Jim Jordan is on the Liquor Commission.  The documentation doesn’t say he turned in his resignation.  I do know other names were submitted to Tari for the Fire and Police Commission, evidently Renner would rather recycle his folks.  Yep, transparent.  Is Tari killing the Liquor Commission without a vote by the Council?  Alderman Hauman claims, as mayor, she would expand the Liquor Commission.  Is she going to let him by with this?  Tari is still facing MANY Open Meetings Act violations as head of the Liquor Commission.  But, since Lisa Madigan’s office rarely rules within 60 as the law requires, Tari could be gone as Mayor before anything happens.

 (5 ILCS 120/3.5)


The council hasn’t voted to abolish the Liquor Commission and it’s not on the agenda.  Evidently it’s just Tari and Sue Feldkamp now.   The City website still shows three members:

Also on the agenda is partnering with the County for improvements to the Towanda-Barnes/Ireland Grove Road Intersection.  They want to add a right turn lane from Towanda Barnes onto Ireland Grove.  I’d be happy if the traffic signals worked.  Cars heading west on Ireland Grove frequently don’t get a Green Light no matter when they arrive at the intersection.  A right turn lane might be nice, but those cars need better signage.  A RED light frequently doesn’t mean STOP now.

The last item on the agenda is:

bkvAnybody want to take bets on what they find?

  • New City Hall needed?
  • New Public Works facilities are needed?
  • City Management can’t make a decision on their own?
  • The City needs consultants to blame for what they find?
  • We just ripped off taxpayers for $169,000?
  • Democrats running the City are easy to fleece?
  • ?



8 thoughts on “Renner circumvents appointments and more

  1. Interesting. Tari told me several times that he would like to get me on a board/commission when I see one come up that is a good fit. The Police/Fire Commission would be. Might need to make a point of going in person Monday and speak to that. No one ever even contacted me for an interview or anything. (What a surprise.) Lane

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    1. I believe an application for appointment needs to be sent to the Mayor or City Manager. The form should be on the website. The Mayor should have informed you of the process.


  2. AW, come on Diane. Is the above a True/False or multiple choice test?? Our inept Manager/mayor/council will need ANOTHER study done, just to make SURE this one is correct!
    On the matter of downtown HOTEL, I see Jumers (aka Chateau) has filed for $8 million in bankruptcy) THAT should answer any IDIOTS questions about another hotel, but we’re not blessed with just ANY idiots! We have “special” ones. ‘
    PLUS they owe $100K plus in tax, will WE get that back too??


  3. Doesn’t matter what they build, unqualified cronies in management will bankrupt it all. I am beginning to think that’s the point. Just another transfer of wealth, from the taxpayers to the chosen friends of crooked government.


  4. I’ve heard it said and I don’t like repeating it but it seems to be the truth so here it is. As power corrupts, Prof/Mayor exhibits the Napoleon Complex as strives to be the big man in town.


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