3 minute meeting?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The approval of a Liquor License was left off the agenda last night.  Since the recipient has a Father’s Day event planned, he can’t wait until the next meeting for approval.  Therefore the Council is planning a quick meeting whenever they can get 5 aldermen together to approve it.  Who dropped the ball?  Who put the agenda together?  I believe that’s David Hales.  Very few items were on the agenda last night, doesn’t he have some system for keeping track of important agenda items?  The Clerk has responsibility for posting the agenda, she didn’t know it should have been listed?  Is there a communication problem?  What does the communications person (Nora) do?  Obviously not communicate important issues.

Clue:  When the bureaucracy is too big, mistakes are much easier to make.  Expect more.

Public Comment is required at ALL meetings.  All meetings must be posted 48 hours in advance.  All meetings must be held in a place accessible to the public.  The City needs to comply with the Open Meetings Act, it was their screw up.

Hey Mayor Transparency – throw the approval of release of your last Open Meetings Violation on the agenda.  It should add about 10 seconds to the meeting.  Too much to ask?

Maybe the Pantagraph will then be able to make a front page story out of a REAL violation instead of an alleged one.




2 thoughts on “3 minute meeting?

  1. Ha! Let’s have the Special Meeting at iHop at 7 AM on Thursday. How about at Medici’s at 4 PM?

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