More Hales bungles

By: Diane Benjamin

Another example of incompetence happened at the Council meeting last night.  Increasing Video Gaming fees was illegally on the agenda:


Increasing fees on video gaming machines was first discussed at the April 25th meeting.  It was TABLED to a Committee of the Whole meeting :

tableWhy is “Tabled” important?

City Code:

Chapter 2 Section 18(ix)

codeMayor Renner started to call somebody to the podium for the discussion when he was interrupted by David Hales.

Hit play below for what happened next:

How did Corporate Council not notify David Hales before the agenda was published?

Close to $60,000 a month is sent to Springfield for legal, but an agenda can’t be reviewed in advance?  David Hales didn’t know he was violating City Code when he put the agenda together?  The Council has no coherent way of tracking items under consideration so fiascos don’t continue to happen?

Does this give taxpayers confidence in anything the City does?

One more from the City Code:

vioJust so the blame can’t be pushed to peons, also from the City Code:





7 thoughts on “More Hales bungles

  1. The Council and Mayor should be required to know at least the Chapter 2 (Administration) ordinances. Take note: the ordinance relating to the Committee of the Whole was passed in 2014. The majority of the current council members voted this into law.

  2. Notice how the city manager puts it on the clerk to explain the mess, he clearly sees it as her fault and throws her out in front of the bus.

    1. The City Manager never takes responsibly for his “failures.” It is clearly his responsibility according to Chapter 2 of the city code to enforce ALL city codes and compile the agendas with the Mayor. However, there were two different issues. The first relates to the Video Gaming License ordinance which was to be addressed at the Committee of the Whole which is Hales’ responsibility. The other relates to allowing liquor to be served at an event whose location does not have a liquor license–still Hales’ responsibly to formulate the agendas. Whether or not she should have had to, the Clerk took the responsibility for the latter but not the former.

  3. This is REALLY sad! An overpaid City Manager who was voted “competent” by the council for his recent raise, and a mayor who teaches Political Science and the TWO of them together cannot figure out parliamentary procedure!!???? I sure hope the students at I.W.U. don’t pass his final with flying colors or THIS COUNTRY is doomed! Just unbelievable!

  4. Maybe Hales should hire a consultant for $150,000 to tell him how to do his job better.

    My schedule has an opening, so feel free to give me a call.

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