Pantagraph buries truth again UPDATE

A reader called WJBC.  They consider it over.  Truth doesn’t matter to them either!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The ONLY reason I started BlnNews is more than obvious.  Local news didn’t exist.  The Pantagraph and WJBC slanted every story to fit their purpose.  They praised elected officials for their brilliance while in office, then blame them when a new crop is elected.  Truth never matters.

When City of Bloomington Communication Director Nora Dukowitz filed her complaint against Fistbump, the Pantagraph was eager to print she was harassed and stalked.

Renner repeated as much at the March 26th Council meeting.

Fistbump was made out to be an evil terrorist and mentally unbalanced.

Nora Lied.  Renner lied.

The Pantagraph is now lying.  Nora is on speed-dial to the Pantagraph, but they didn’t ask her why she dropped the case.  They didn’t ask Tari what he knew, at least there was nothing in their story.

Here is the motion she filed to dismiss and the judge’s signature:  Order to Dismiss

Dukowitz was allowed to defame a reporter.

Renner was allowed to defame a reporter.

The Pantagraph doesn’t care, they just hope you don’t notice.

The only way to get a better press in Bloomington Normal, is to target their advertisers.  Cancelling subscriptions has only partially worked.

15 thoughts on “Pantagraph buries truth again UPDATE

  1. Lets face it, the bird cage liner is a MONOPOLY! Its the only newspaper in town so they can write what they want. I dropped them because I got more honest news on your site as well as other sites. The only reason I even care about them is the obits and I must assume they are written to the left as well. From my experience with the Pantagraph it took them 3 tries to get my dads obit right even though I wrote it out for them!


  2. The issue as I see it is there is a smaller and smaller number of people who make a point of watching/reading/hearing the news. My folks always watched the news. 5-6 was their TV time. News sources are abundant but there is a clear lack of true information being shared (what do you know? I agree with you on something!) They got fed up with their local paper and just buy a Chicago Tribune or Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Sunday.

    How long until Tari’s gone? Might as well get a strong candidate groomed for the next election. Would Kevin Lower consider running?


  3. A quick Thank you ,Diane Benjamim. Your time, effort and passions you focus on Getting Truth out to Citizens is priceless to our areas future. I imagine your efforts can be very stressful & Consuming. I hope you are feeling encouraged lately. I admire your Courage


  4. I called the wjbc newsroom today and asked if they were going to talk about Nora and the whole Fistbump ordeal, they said the case was dropped and they had no plans of talking about it, No wonder cities 92.9 has better ratings. People are tired of hearing master gardeners and the other feel good fluff that they talk about.. Thanks Diane.


  5. I haven’t had jbc on my car dial for at least ten years Colleen Reynolds is a progressive socialist who makes her living off of taxpayers at some worthless job at Heartland. Keep up the great work BLNNEWS!


  6. @ Fed Up: Saw Colleen Reynolds scowling at a beer about 2 Saturdays back at Schooners. If it’s any consolation (which I know it won’t be much, in fact, totally monetarily worthless) she looked in a general sense, to be pretty miserable. I don’t doubt on some level those that left JBC or BNQ for cushy overpaid jobs in the private and/or public sector feel like losers for becoming the sell-outs they vowed in their youth to never become. btw, I prefer the “tear in the beer” as opposed to the scowly drunk, if anybody here is asking.


    1. Next time you see her, ask about the Heartland Wind turbine and all the money it’s saving. She’s clueless since subsidies with taxpayer money isn’t considered part of the cost to her.


  7. Not just one simple answer there never is but the libs just can’t understand the concept of wealth transfer and how they willingly and joyfully contribute to their own demise.


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