Council complicit in Renner lies

By:  Diane Benjamin


The Normal police did NOT arrest Fistbump for knocking on Nora Dukowitz’s door.

Dukowitz dropped civil action against Fistbump the day before it went to court.

Tari proclaimed in open session that Fistbump was being investigated for a felony:  Start watching at 5:30.

Diana Hauman believed a person representing Cities 92.9 is not fit to be heard, so she walked out of public comment.


You represent the citizens in your Ward.  You do NOT work for Tari Renner.

A lot of you were on the Council when Tari attacked Judy Stearns.  You did nothing.

Under pressure from the citizens you put together a fake censure when he attacked me.  If the citizens hadn’t demanded it, you would have done nothing.

Diana:  Do you feel stupid now for falling for Tari’s lies?  Or, maybe you believe knocking on somebody’s door is a felony?  I hear you campaigned door-to-door.  Did anybody call the police on you?

Renner lied to the Council and the people of Bloomington in open session.  So what is your response?  Now the facts are clear, saying and doing nothing makes you complicit.  You silence speaks volumes about YOUR character.


How does it feel to be used by your employer?  Tari made it clear he was involved in your decision to file a civil suit without cause.  Does he also tell you not to do your Communications job with unapproved media?

The City and Council are possessed with economic development believing that government can create it.  Losses from the Coliseum and the BCPA should tell them they can’t, but money is continually thrown at it anyway.

Here’s the question:

Why would any business want to locate in Bloomington when City government is dysfunctional, prone to lie, and the citizen representatives act like nothing is wrong?

Bloomington residents:

Be very proud of your local media.  The bird-cage liner didn’t cover the story today.  Nora must be too upset to write it for them.  Is WJBC going to be complicit too?  If both ignore the story it will be obvious why Cities 92.9 is the station to listen to for truth.



13 thoughts on “Council complicit in Renner lies

  1. My comment is really more of a message for the nay sayers who claim that no reads this news page..the numbers are growing. Diane, keep up the heat. Expose, expose, expose.

  2. Thank you Diane for this website and thanks to Cities 92.9. I believe folks are starting to wake up and pay attention to whats going on.

  3. Of course Renner Lies. But remember, in Marxist ideology, lying–in fact, a whole range of criminal behaviors–are deemed acceptable in order to advance the “Cause”. That is why when Communists take over–in Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia–they immediately
    murder millions of people. Don’t you see the pattern here, in the targeting of Conservatives and Christians?

    1. This anti-communism nonsense is getting out of hand. My cup of coffee is cold, the barista is a communist! I was pulled over for speeding, the cop is a communist. Somone made me a birthday cake and refused to share it with them because they are communists and should get their own cake. Do we ever just explain our opposition to an issue without connecting it with communism? Oh no! Am I too a communist?

      1. Losing rights is the fast track to tyranny. Communism is just one name for it. People who don’t realize they are no longer as free as last year and the year before, never see it until it’s too late.

      2. Actually Mike you are not a communist for just explaining your position. It’s okay you can speak here. However you might want to do more research upon how communism takes a foot hold so you don’t embarrass yourself.

      3. Mudd, too much of anything can be bad. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was used in defense of anti-Semitism but it turned out to be Czarist forgery. I would say research McCarthyism and you would see where I am getting at. Some people who were in fact anti-communist were accused of being communist. The communist government did the same to people who were not communist enough. So do we enact a measure of how democratic you need to be? Or are we guilty until proven innocent? Was the government just as oppressive as the communists they were purporting to fight? In protecting democracy, we need to be careful not to abandon our ideals to protect it.

  4. Those in power always try to silence the people who are a threat. The best media to listen to is the media that is attacked. The attacks show that they are onto the lies and abuses of those in power.

  5. There are more than blatant lies. There are the insidious kind, too. For example, the Mayor and 2 Aldermen were on the Steering Committee for the Bicycle Master Plan. Since when is that their responsibility? The May 10th meeting was staged. Ordinances and resolutions are predated with the date passed making any discussion at Council meetings rehearsed. Honesty is a foreign concept for career politicians.

    1. Not my posting but who ever it is gets a gold star…….

      coldfiltered – 5 minutes ago
      Stand by for the defamation lawsuit to follow. Nora has proven herself incompetent and now it seems there is a good chance she will end up costing the city money as well. Ms. Dukowitz neither has the professional demeanor or the practical combination of skills, education and training for this position. Chalk it up to another one of good ‘ole Hales botch ups on the vetting portion of the recruitment process. Seriously I have never seen an paid spokesperson as inept and unable to effectively communicate messages or reflect the cities vision and goals as Nora Dukowitz. Her continued presence on the city payroll makes me wonder about the ABILITY AND JUDGEMENT of our Mayor and City Manager. Actually, Nora is EXACTLY the kind of person i expect David Hales to hire, but Tari knows better or should have know better than to allow a total communication FAILURE like Nora embarass his administration

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