Realizing there is NO CASE . . .


By:  Diane Benjamin

. . Nora filed for a dismissal in her case against Fistbump.

Maybe she feared being laughed out of court!  She should have known that before she filed!

Tari:  You went after Judy Stearns and lost!

Remember the long standing ovation she received?

Tari:  You went after me and got a censure that wasn’t called a censure.

Tari:  You went after Cities 92.9 and failed

Your remarks at the last Council meeting made it very clear that you were involved!

Who is next?  Citizens?

That’s about all you have left.

Ready to start governing For The People and By the People?

Start by disbanding your budget group.  The Council is elected for a reason.  The people spoke loud and clear at your summit.  Nobody is going to respect what your appointed groups says.  I predict:  We need more money, nothing to cut.

Fistbump deserves an apology at the next Council meeting from you and Diana Hauman.  There was no felony.  There was no stalking.  All it was is a Communication Director that doesn’t communicate.  On your orders Tari?

Is the Pantagraph going to demand you apologize like they did when you posted vile comments on my site?  They should be worried about your attack on Freedom of the Press.  Their actions will make it clear whether or not they are press.

Here’s some advice from an Appellate Court judge for you:

. . .  However, public officials are subject to criticism for action they take in fulfilling their duties as public officials and anyone who undertakes a public office or membership on a public body should be aware that his actions will be subject to criticism. Anyone who is unwilling to subject himself to such criticism by the public should not accept public office or membership of a public board. . . .

17 thoughts on “Realizing there is NO CASE . . .

  1. When Tari was a little boy his momma took him to the circus. After a fun day in the big top with cotton candy all over his face, little Tari exclaimed, “Momma I want to be a clown!”
    (Looks like he got his wish.)


    1. Funny, but Tari is definitly not a clown. He is a hardcore, committed Marxist who also may be afflicted by multiple personality disorders–Narcissism, Megalomania, etc. Personally, I also believe he is capable of committing, or approving of, violent behaviors.


      1. The 2 times I have been around him I have gotten the exact same vibe – a very angry little man who wants everything his way and if he doesn’t get it – watch out.


  2. Wow a dismissal.

    Well in some ways I feel sorry for her being under the thumb of Mayor Professor Lawyer and probably jerked around by a city manager that shouldn’t even be here in the first place. She probably doesn’t know which direction to go in and likely wasn’t behind it all to begin with and being played like a pawn in a game.


    1. Now she is probably “homesick” for sanity,,wondering what crazy and convoluted game she has gotten herself into.


  3. OK. It is not over yet. The blemish of having the restraining order attempted will forever be on his court records.

    What if he wanted a job helping crime victims or simply to adopt a child? They will pull up his court records, see the restraining order filed, and deny him the job or the adoption – it doesn’t matter if it was dropped or not, or even denied by the judge. It will forever be there.

    This can also be used in the future as an example of past behavior in order to support a future restraining order. He needs to sue for monetary damages to his reputation at this time, and damages to his reputation to infinity.

    2000 years from now, someone will say that he was a trouble maker – look at this restraining order filing.


    1. I agree and to do that he’ll have to pay a lawyer and no telling what else it will cost him.

      I so wish Nora would step up and confess that Mayor Professor Lawyer was behind it so that he could possibly be sued.


    2. Yeah that’s really a raw deal she caused the man. If it were me I would sue to protect my reputation in a heartbeat and sue for all expenses reimbursed.


  4. Glad to donate to a lawsuit. But gee I am so disappointed she withdrew her case as I was all set to be at the courthouse and watch her and perhaps the mayor make fools of themselves…again.


    1. I’m a bit confused from what has been reported.

      Was the city going to represent her and back her or did she do this as a private citizen?


      1. She filed just as herself. A City lawyer called Cities 92.9 day(s) before she filed and told them she was filing. Renner made it clear at the 5/26 Council meeting that he knew all about it and it was felony stalking. She was used.


      1. Since he left his business card while working for the station as a reporter, I think the station should pay the expense for the lawyer. If this station is all that they would lead us to believe in being for the people, then they should step up to the plate and hire an attorney to clear Fistbumps reputation.


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