Nora, Nora, Nora

By:  Diane Benjamin

I really hope Nora Dukowitz isn’t getting paid by taxpayers today.  Her social media sites have under gone some changes.  I’d hate to think taxpayers are paying for her personal activity, or maybe it isn’t personal?

Luckily, I have screen shots of everything!  The three Facebook pages “Liked” by Nora Katherine are still up, but Nora Katherine isn’t.

Nora Katherine even liked Jeremy Kelly’s campaign page when he ran against Amelia Buragus.  Since Amelia was friends with Nora Katherine, she probably knew.  Scott Sprouls, City of Bloomington IT guy, was also a friend.  I wonder if he helped Nora Katherine?

Since Unofficial Blnnews and Blono Watchdog have very few “likes”, and I can trace most of them back to Nora Katherine, she obviously has intimate connections to those sites.  The City of Bloomington must consider that part of her job!  They must be so proud of their social media queen.

Nora Katherine Likes Nora Katherine Likes 2

3 thoughts on “Nora, Nora, Nora

  1. Maybe Nora’s official responsility is to monitor this site and report what she finds. Nah. She suffers from poor comprehension. Her talent is in graphics such as memes.

  2. Those “memes” are so poorly done that I’m beginning to think they are actually satire against Renner and Hales.

  3. My blnnews sign that was attached to my car with strong magnets, it look professional. A Nora activity? I will be reattaching and will USE BOTH SIDES cof the vehicle and have two sets of video equipment. If it happens again the first place it will be posted is on Facebook. I will attempt to get the McCounty States Attorney off his lazy tail and then file a federal complaint for abridgement of 1st amendment. Leave my personal car alone!!!!!

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