I’m trying to stop laughing!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since I just got back from a road trip north where driving on roads means paying for the privilege, I haven’t been able to comment on Nora Dukowitz’s attempt to silence the press.  I don’t remember a time when Bloomington had any real local press.  Obviously Nora has no idea what it looks like.  I feel sorry for the Communication Director who fails to communicate.  I wonder who decided that questions can only be answered from press sympathetic to the City?  Tari?  Tari?

Tip Nora:  If the press calls, emails, asks for an appointment – and YOUR job is Communication Director – that means you answer them!  Surprise!  You must think your job is writing the Pantagraph articles for them, but that’s not what the people paying your salary expect.

Let’s take a step back in time, a long time ago, when 60 Minutes was a must watch news show.  Their reporters frequently set traps for the people they wanted to expose, stuck a microphone in the faces of people who didn’t want to talk, AND they showed up at people’s homes.  What would the old CBS do to public officials who won’t answer questions?  All Fistbump did was knock on your door.  Scary!

According to the Pantagraph you didn’t answer.  Maybe Josh should make sure you aren’t armed!  If a knock on your door from a reporter is so scary, he should be afraid of what you might do.  You might start shooting through the door!  Are you armed Nora?  Are you medicated in any way that might make you dangerous?

You are a public figure that doesn’t want to talk Nora.  Funny job for a Communications Director.  Sorry Nora, but you aren’t a private citizen, you are supposedly the voice of the City.  Your name is on City Press releases.  When Tari made his fake apology call to me, the Pantagraph reporter who called me for a comment (within minutes!) said you called and reported the deed was done.  You aren’t a private citizen because you went home.  Tari knows all about public people, did he deceive you into thinking you are a nobody?

Maybe since you avoid talking to Cities 92.9, the job is really unneeded.  Citizens have been saying that since Communications Director was created.  Now they have proof they were right.

Funny how Jeff Jurgens said you filed yourself, not on behalf of the City.  Why did a City Lawyer say that Nora?  Maybe you consulted him?  Were the taxpayers billed for the advice he gave you as a “private citizen”?  Maybe Tari is forcing you to make a fool of yourself, maybe you decided all on your own.  Do you really want your credibility challenged in court?  Anything in your past you don’t want people to know?

The bird-cage liner said Fistbump is a host on the radio.  Obviously they don’t listen.  They must have missed his reporting.  He was especially good covering the students locked out of their high school in freezing weather because they protested Common Core testing.

Tari tried to destroy Judy Stearns and failed.  Then Tari went after me.  Tari has tried for months to get Fistbump to quit commenting at Council meetings, he couldn’t figure out how to do it legally.  Opposition must be silenced!  Did you hear WJBC ratings are way down and Cities 92.9 are way up?  Sorry to upset your holiday weekend.

Nora, if you can’t handle the heat – quit taking taxpayer money for not doing your job.

I sincerely hope a judge laughs at you Nora.  Reporters don’t stalk people paid to answer questions.  Since you didn’t do your job at your office, he had every right to knock on your door.


Scared?  A psychiatrist might be able to help.

15 thoughts on “I’m trying to stop laughing!

  1. Her actions don’t make me laugh. It’s sad. What’s wrong with these people? No wonder this town is going to hell in a hand basket .


  2. I heard about this and checked the 92.9 website and low and behold there was a copy of the court document. I just had to laugh myself.

    Honestly someone needs to stand up for Josh and deal a blow to Nora and the city as well. I mean really take away someone’s 2nd amendment rights. I bet that could be challenged in court.

    I don’t consider some news reporter knocking on someone’s door as stalking. How childish of Nora.

    Everyone under the sun so to speak should flood city hall with freedom of information requests. Give them something to do to earn their pay.


  3. I noticed that the bird cage liner didn’t open their website on this article to comments. They pick and choose who gets crucified.


  4. Once again we have to question the judgement of city manager Hales. This new controversy comes on the heels of the water director fiasco. Now we have a communications director whose job it is to communicate with the press and present the image of the city to the public. First, ironically she doesn’t even live in Bloomington. Second, she is ignoring the press. Third, she is currently presenting a very bad image of the city to the public. Thus, she should be asked to resign immediately if these allegations are baseless. And finally why did City Manager Hales deserve a raise again?


  5. Here is Nora’s address from the court documents. 101 Northfield K7, Normal. Maybe she will answer questions from someone else.


  6. So how much to outside attorney will be spent on this situation for advise? Wow! A communications director that won’t communicate. You are fired!


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