So, Who is getting fired?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Saturday edition of the retreat has been cancelled.

Tomorrow, expect a Pantagraph article saying the City decided to delay the meeting because they didn’t have everything ready.  Truth is immaterial.

The truth is:  Somebody forgot to post it.

Today’s Pantagraph story about the two-day retreat didn’t write itself.  Renner is quoted on what was going to happen Saturday.  He is dying to play hero by borrowing money to fix the streets and fund it with part of the Sales Tax increase.  In other words, “I have more important uses for the taxes you already pay, so I’m taking more for essential services”.  What happened to the deficit?  The Sales tax increase didn’t cover it, but Renner is already diverting most of the tax.  Brilliant!


  1. The Council members plans for Saturday are screwed up
  2. Whatever City staff were required to attend have their day screwed up
  3. Citizens who planned to attend have their day screwed up
  4. Was Lynn Montei attending?  Will she get paid anyway?
  5. The BCPA staff required to attend have their day screwed up
  6. All media sources have to change their reporting
  7. All of the above will have another day screwed up when it gets rescheduled!

This isn’t the first time a City employee forgot to post a meeting.  Some of my sources tell me that Nora is responsible for retreat materials etc?  Anybody know for sure?

So, who is getting fired for screwing up again?

The Council really doesn’t care?  Seriously?

NO, the really don’t.



5 thoughts on “So, Who is getting fired?

  1. Nobody ever gets consequences when they work for government. see I am sure that someone intended to post the agenda. in government intent is all that matters. As opposed to the real world where results are required.


  2. WHAT we have here is a FAILURE to COMMUNICATE! Who’s the communications co-ordinator?? Yeah, I also like that Tari wants a BOND ISSUE of $25-30 MILLION which is EASY to get, to fix streets, yada-yada. WHERE is the 1% tax increase going to?? REALITY BITES? Cause in THIS case it SURE does! What will the retreat council members do for LUNCH on Saturday? Tuna Helper for everybody! I just love this QUALITY of life here.


  3. Last time this happened Hales threw Tracy Covert under the bus for not posting the meeting, a very cheep shot on Hales’ part. Tracy has since retired so who is David hales going to throw under the bus this time?


  4. The Pantycrap has already written their slant on this story:

    It says, “As we were preparing for the Saturday retreat, even in gathering materials as late as Wednesday night and very early this (Thursday) morning, it became clear we were not yet ready with our materials to move forward and have a meaningful budget discussion,” City Manager David Hales said in a statement.

    “To make the most of our time together, the mayor and I have decided to cancel our Saturday retreat,” he added.


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