Tri-Valley: your future

By: Diane Benjamin Of course nothing is on line about presentations last night. I did attend and told them again I wanted the board packets on-line, I was asked if I wanted all 120 some pages. Duh. One board member said she looked at Unit 5 and District 87 and Tri-Valley was giving the same […]

Connect Transit News

By: Diane Benjamin Meeting schedules frequently change during the holidays, but Connect Transit is taking a holiday schedule to a new level: Just skip two months. Connect has reduced service because of a driver shortage. Now they are skipping November and December meetings. The Board is planning a two day retreat in December however: […]

Normal’s unreported retreat

By:  Diane Benjamin On November 2nd Normal held a Strategic Planning Session.  It was a Friday at 10:00 am in the Executive Board Room at City Hall. Did any citizens know about or attend this meeting?  Did the press report on it? Keep in mind, Trustee RC McBride is the General Manager of […]

Guest Editorial: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Citizen??

GUEST! (In response to this story: .  Once upon a time there was a Scary Citizen who actually stood up in public and told The Truth!   And that is enough to scare the bewillikers out of the King and his court!  That is enough to conjure tales of mean and terrible citizens who insult or […]

So, Who is getting fired?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Saturday edition of the retreat has been cancelled. Tomorrow, expect a Pantagraph article saying the City decided to delay the meeting because they didn’t have everything ready.  Truth is immaterial. The truth is:  Somebody forgot to post it. Today’s Pantagraph story about the two-day retreat didn’t write itself.  Renner is quoted […]

Open Meetings Act Violation? (again)

Don’t miss the follow-up story: By:  Diane Benjamin Part one of the November Council retreat is tonight at 5:30. At the 11/9 Council meeting, David Hales announced the second half would be on Saturday November 21st at 8:00am.  According to the Open Meetings Act law, an agenda must be posted 48 hours in advance, […]

Avoiding Transparency yet again

By:  Diane Benjamin Thursday night the Bloomington City Council is holding a retreat starting at 5:30.  It could be held in the Council Chambers where live streaming is available, but it’s not.  This time it’s at the BCPA. They aren’t holding it there because large crowds are expected.  The agenda is boring at best.  Communication […]

Ever wondered why few vote in local elections?

By:  Diane Benjamin If the citizens knew David Hales threw away more than $1.2 million tax dollars on spiked pensions The Council NEVER approved the IMRF payments because they were never on Bills and Payroll Monday the Council will approve over $50,000,000 already spent without Council approval Coliseum management isn’t held accountable by David Hales […]

Expect Representation? The jokes on YOU

By:  Diane Benjamin The citizens of Bloomington have a right to be angry.  Renner appointed his own hacks to study the budget while David Hales tells them what to consider (certainly not the Admin budget!).  The library wants to build while traffic is decreasing.  Hales throws your money out the window so employees get higher […]

Watching pennies

by:  Diane Benjamin One thing I found while reading all the emails about Paradigm concerned a retreat for Town of Normal employees held at Starved Rock.  I filed another Freedom of Information Act for details and I received them yesterday.  Probably the citizens never would have known if one email hadn’t made reference to it. […]

Bloomington Retreat Report! (cough)

Correction:  The Department heads didn’t have to come today, they have Saturdays off.  Only minimal staff and the Council are there today.  The Council is really earning their $4500 a year salary. __________________________________________________ by:  Diane Benjamin Yes, I stopped by the Den yesterday.  If you want to see all the highest paid employees of the […]

Yippee! Retreat tomorrow!

By:  Diane Benjamin The re-scheduled retreat for the City of Bloomington is going to be held Friday and Saturday.  It is happening at the Den – no live streaming will be available.  What does Renner and Hales have to hide? I’ve seen the room, the chairs don’t look all that comfortable.  So why are they […]

Now we know why employees leave the City

by:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington has an employee turnover problem.  Back in July it was a topic at a City Council meeting.  City Manager David Hales explained the employees don’t have a good balance of work and personal life.  He blamed staff shortages for the morale problems. Yesterday David Hales threw City Clerk […]

It’s a BIG deal Tari!

by:  Diane Benjamin About the cancelled City Council retreat: Mayor Renner had every intention of holding an illegal meeting, until he got caught.  The Pantagraph has an article on-line that will be in tomorrow’s paper.  Alderwoman Stearns, who the Pantagraph obviously contacted for a comment, is ridiculed by Mayor Renner.  He just wants to sweep […]

Mayor Renner violates the Open Meetings Act AGAIN! UPDATE

Saturday has now been cancelled.  Who is going to show up at Mondays Council meeting or the Mayor’s open house tomorrow and ask how much money he wasted?  Is he going to apologize for wasting money? by:  Diane Benjamin Laws matter to you, not to government.  See this previous post with Mayor Renner’s certificate for […]