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By: Diane Benjamin

Meeting schedules frequently change during the holidays, but Connect Transit is taking a holiday schedule to a new level: Just skip two months.

Connect has reduced service because of a driver shortage. Now they are skipping November and December meetings.

The Board is planning a two day retreat in December however:

Children’s Home & Aid, Connect Transit, Paul Davis Restoration of Central Illinois, Great Plains Media, State Farm Insurance Agent Mandy Reed, and the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 752 will be co-hosting the 19th annual Stuff-the-Bus event, November 29th through December 4th.

This six-day event will help restock the Children’s Home & Aid and Crisis Nursery’s pantry for the entire year with much-needed supplies so that they may benefit at-risk children and families right here in the Bloomington-Normal community. 

Many volunteers have signed up to work 2-hour shifts, but there is room for more. Click below to sign up:

One thought on “Connect Transit News

  1. This enterprise will continue to reduce its routes until it finally stops altogether. In a macabre twist of fate, it will not be common sense or fiscal responsibility or the people rising up in opposition that finally kills it. It will stop because they are part of the cult of the vaccinated. All the leftist non-profits with 100% vaccinated employees are slowly going to shrink and then close. Just their vaccine requirement alone is going to keep them from hiring new drivers. They will not be able to replace their staff as they leave for better jobs or die from the vaccine. Transit Connect is headed for the dust bin of history. Get their Wikipedia entry ready.

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