Really sad you pay for this

By:  Diane Benjamin

Nora Dukowitz was hired by the City of Bloomington to be the Communications Manger.  Why Bloomington needed one is still a mystery.  Hales claimed in this Pantagraph article that Nora would play a critical role in outreach to citizens, he also stated she would use social media to engage citizens:

I wonder if the City of Bloomington is directing what Nora does or if she has gone rogue?

On Facebook Nora goes by Nora Katherine.  Her resume states her middle name is Katherine and she’s from Casey Il.  See it here: Dukowitz, Nora K .  Enjoy the part about her being homesick.

Her Facebook page says she’s from Casey too!  She also has a lot of City employees as “Friends”:  Tina Salamone, Diana DeSio Hauman, Andrew Coffey, Beth Oakley, Scott Black, Renee Gooderham, Tom Dabareiner, Joni Painter, Karen Schmidt, and probably many more.

Sorry, if you don’t have a Facebook account you can’t see what I’m talking about.

Other than been afraid to use her real name, Nora “Likes” a lot of pages.  One was a page started to attack Cities 92.9 and me.  Remember when Nora wanted Fistbump (Cities 92.9 reporter) arrested for knocking on her door?  Then she filed a lawsuit and dropped it!

Wait until you hear the name of the page:  Shtty929  Since Nora “Liked” the page, it shows up on her page plus Facebook ads promote the page to all her 400+ friends!

A couple of weeks ago a Blnnews Facebook page appeared – it wasn’t me.  It was dedicated to attacking me however.  I reported the page to Facebook, but they had already taken it down for unrelated reasons.  Then the page was reincarnated as Unofficial Blnnews – it has a whopping 9 “Likes” – one is from Nora Katherine and one is from Shtty929.

Isn’t that a coincidence!  Two Facebook pages exist to attack me and Nora is one of the few people who have  “Liked” both!  They have now started attacking Alderman Lower too.

But wait – there’s another one only a couple of days old.  It only has 7 “Likes”.  It’s Blono Watchdog.  Of those 7 “Likes”, one is Nora.  Also Unofficial Blnnews, and Shtty929 have “Liked” the page.  Pictures on the pages are identical or very close.  I wonder if the Pantagraph knows their pictures of me were altered and used!

Isn’t it funny that Nora is the center of all three pages.  They all have posts during City business hours, is Nora posting on Facebook sites like these while she is supposed to be working?  If she is posting on City hours, is Hales and Renner directing her actions?

It is sad that issued can’t be discussed, it’s always attack the messenger, not the facts.  Worse, by “Liking” these attack pages, Nora is spreading her hateful messages to all her “Friends” and many City employees.

Remind anybody of when Tari attacked me twice?  At least he had the guts to use his own name!  Is Nora participating in politics on City property?  Gee, that’s not only unethical it’s illegal.

There are also Twitter accounts by the same names.  Seems like not too many people appreciate Nora’s attack posts.  Fair-minded people don’t want to participate anonymous attack bull Nora.  I do appreciate you and the few other people who “Liked” the pages showing their true colors though.  Yes, I know who the others are.  Maybe I’ll write about them later.

If Nora worked in the private sector, she would be immediately fired.  She supposedly represents the City as Communications Manager.  If she isn’t fired, this is the public image the City supports.

By the way Nora, the Fed Up With Bloomington City Government page isn’t me!  Since you obviously read my site, you know I already have a lot of readers here.  I post under my REAL name on Facebook and Twitter, why would I need an anonymous Facebook page?

I hope tomorrow is your last day of getting paid by taxpayers.  Your starting salary was $62,230, now with benefits it’s probably close to $90,000.  Taxpayers at least expect adults to be public servants.  Your actions prove you aren’t one.

16 thoughts on “Really sad you pay for this

  1. Well, if she’s homesick so darn bad, WHY don’t she move BACK to Casey, IL. She’d STILL be in the state, but it would be a GOOD start!! And yet ANOTHER reason to NOT be on Facebook. Don’t have time for it, don’t care about photos of what peoples pets are doing, and seems like a LOT of the “BS” on Facebook is derogatory to some person or place, THIS just proves it. As for her “friends” that speaks volumes! as for WHO may be putting her up to it-GEE, that’s a tough one! I’d bet Tari got his lunch money taken away a LOT as a kid.

  2. All municipal employees and officials (including elected and appointed) according to City Ordinance, fall under the IL State Ethics Act. Time for her to be held accountable. Since she posting on these pages and the other public official you listed were “Friends” of hers, they too would see the posts on their feed. Their is no doubt in my mind these people knew about it and gave tacit approval to the smearing of you and Ald. Lower.

  3. So, she is an employee that is tasked with communication with the news media and using social media. She then has liked some other profiles online that are to say the least not very honorable or nice about Alderman Lower who is part of an elected body that gives direction to the employees with the City Manager being their boss. This is outrageous.
    Clearly, out of 100 applicants and you look as her friends list she was chosen over people with degrees in communications and years of experience because of her “friends” and she was the shoe in from the start as many of us know.

    Then, there are something like three sitting council women and by my count 7 city employees and NOT ONE OF THEM REPORTED THIS ? Not one of them thought is was wrong to agree with negative comments over laid on photos of Alderman Lower ?
    Seems to me all one has to do is look at those her lists and then on all the other lists and we have the organized monarchy that King Renner has going along with court Jestor Hales.
    Or is he like Jim Henson the one running all the puppets.

    Bloomington your be so so mislead with facts that are half truths by Hales, Renner, and all his little buddies from IWU. From the Political Science (it is not a science) over to the library and into the data center even the other staff positions at IWU.
    Do not forget to look for all the people Renner has appointed on her friends list like Mathy.

    She also liked some of the people that ran for office as an endorsement.

    There must be more to this than just Nora with all the smartphone connected to Facebook ?
    Nora do your last release that you quit because your sick of the politics and move on.
    What to then do about all the other employees and council that did NOTHING….

  4. Ms. Dukowitz is a poster child for the “Obama generation”. Vapid, immature, and profoundly intellectually dishonest. One to never allow the facts, or simple ethics, to reign in her “feelings”, or commitment to “The Cause”.

    One of the sad realities and dirty secrets of the Renner regime is that City government is intentionally being stacked with new employees of her ilk. The Sandinistas (Nicaraguan Communists–Tari’s heroes) called it “ruling from below”.

  5. When one, such as this blog, goes to the public, sometimes people who do disagree with your beliefs will start an opposing blog. This has become a internet way of getting back at you for your opinions. While I agree it is not fun to be on the receiving end, it does come with the territory, so to speak.

    1. They can’t argue the facts I present, so they take the cowards way out. The pages have very few followers, obviously the public doesn’t support their approach.

  6. The postings on these FB pages are offensive and is an example of cyber-bullying which is common practice among today’s children. It is a sad day when one’s point of view or arguments are reduced to memes.

  7. Social media, the new play ground for bullies.

    It’s free for them. You didn’t think they would pay to put up a website do you? A generation that is all about name calling, stealing music, plagiarism, etc. Not everyone but just enough of them to give them the label.

    1. Soon there will be City subsidized, free WiFi in the Court House Square–the “Cultural District”– so people can stare at their phones instead of having meaningful human conversations.

  8. A funny thing happened last night! I posted an admonition on Shtty99 for having this Facebook page as set up to publically humiliate and harass BLN News Editor and Alderman Kevin Lower. I made the page aware that there was proof City Communications Director Nora Dukowitz was involved with this along with numerous public knowing about it and local “journalists and on air radio personalities” who either knew or were actively participating. I promised to “out” every one of them name by name on this website, and notify their employers if need be.

    Within minutes of me posting this on Shttys99 webpage, my post was removed and comments from non-page members was “locked out” I immediately went to Nora’s personal webpage and noticed that a victory post that she posted around the time Ian Bayne was fired was removed. Funny, it was just there a few hours ago. Yes, When Ian Bayne was fired; Nora posted a picture of Mr. White, the main charachter from the Breaking Bad show with a caption over his said saying “I Win”. Then, her “connected” friends started dropping off her friends list like flies. Don’t worry Nora; screen shots were taken of everything many hours before you did all that deleting.

    This electronic lynching has gone too far. BLN News reports news. Print news is dying, that’s a fact. ASK ANY PRINT NEWS PUBLISHER. The Pantagraph is an embarrassment to journalism. They are nothing more than a political rag with an incestuous relationship with David Hales, Tari Renner, and his GANG OF EIGHT. The same goes for WJBC and WGLT.

    Don’t sit there and do nothing people. Email or call City Hall and complain. Call and complain to WJBC that their employees partake in an electronic lynching of Kevin Lower. There is no doubt Colleen Reynolds and Scott Laughlin along with that little twit of a reporter who wrote the nasty article about Kevin Lower not voting on the Task Force Budget cuts are in bed with Nora Dukowitz. I know Steve Vogel is, he liked a post or two on Shtty99. But we can see his hatred thorough his articles in the Pantagraph can’t we?

    It’s too bad the citizens of this city let this woman and the mayor get away with ruining the careers of Ian Bayne and Fistbump. Now they use the internet to attack Ald. Lower and BLN News. Let’s put a stop to them before election time. Do something. Hopefully we can get the state to enforce some Ethics investigations at City Hall. But we need you to help voicing your concern over this mob lynching.

    1. The “I Win” photo is still on Nora’s FB page from Aug. 11 as her “background photo” but maybe not for long.

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