How Nora spends her time

By:  Diane Benjamin

Taxpayers have long wondered why the City of Bloomington needed a Communication Director.  Somehow the City was fine before Nora Dukowitz’s position was created and she was hired.  (A lot of people think it was better!)

John Kraft from Edgar County Watchdog did a Freedom of Information request for Nora’s Internet access logs.  Here is one list covering 10/1/2015 to 10/15/2015.  ndukowitz 2015-10-01_2015-10-15

Detail is sorely lacking, history from her computer would have produced more information.  But, it does show one interesting thing:

Nora was on 167 times!

That wasn’t 167 times in 15 days, take out the days with no Internet activity.

Learn anything Nora?

She must be a slow learner or reader since I didn’t write 167 stories in 15 days.



16 thoughts on “How Nora spends her time

  1. It is her work, isn’t it? She’s the Communication Manager. You’re communicating about city business. Why wouldn’t she be visiting your site. If she wasn’t visiting BLN, I’d guess you’d think she was even more incompetent.

  2. Well, IF ya ask me, MAYBE she’s getting pointers on HOW a city should be run, and since she looked at BLM news SO MANY times, maybe she shows it to ALL her Facebook friends-remember them. Possibly, her job is just THAT darn boring and unnecessary! This is a multiple choice quiz-pick ALL that apply!

  3. I understand the concen but perhaps some education is in order regarding web logs for monitoring software such as this. The 167 times is misleading. You may have container pages that make additional requests to the network. It is better to look at time stamps to get an idea of how much time she spending. For the most part they amount to nothing but drivebys, I found two instances that amounted to a 33-40 minute visit. Everything else seems rather short. I found 33 visits in the time period specified, roughly. That is about 3 times a day she is visiting your site. Could be more but not by much.

    The city is engaging in information warfare. They want to know what you are saying so they can hit back. No delicate way to put it.

    1. I agree with the last line. The FOIA came with a claim the City doesn’t keep track of the time spent on sites. Evidently the times listed are meaningless.

  4. I have had it with this Shity92, etc. I have lodged a complaint with Facebook and the McLean County States Attorney Jason Chambers. This is a waste of our tax money and she is unneeded.

  5. I know. 40 is less than 167. But they can configure visits. Or may already have it in another report. You could resubmit asking them to provide the duration of each website visit. If they say no, you know they only log hits. Harder to figure out what can be happening because hits can also mean you keep your web pages open.

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