More spending You Won’t Believe!

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Bills and Payroll tonight:

Remember when the Financial Statements are issued and the City brags about their Award Winning presentation?  See page 7


They BOUGHT it!

FIN Misc. Expense Government Finance $ 580.00 App. Fee for Cert. of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program

I’ve never seen Financial Statements without some kind of excellence certificate.  Feeling scammed?


The City is anticipating their snow plows taking out A Lot of mailboxes:

SNOW & ICE Other Rpr/Mnt Menards Nrl $ 5,544.00 Mailboxes


Administration isn’t the only department eating your tax dollars:

These are all PCard spending – see the list starting on page 129.

WATER ADMIN Other Prof/Tech Times Past Inn $ 660.00 Meeting lunch

WATER PURE Othr Purch Serv Pizza Hut $ 83.90 Pizza for Chlorine Training Class

PK MAINT Other Supplies Papa John’s $ 166.00 Employee Recognition

LIB Employee Relations Wm Supercenter $ 42.98 Cake for Bouda Retirement Party, 12/4/15

LIB Employee Relations Schnucks $ 14.98 Snacks for G. Bouda Retirement Party, 12/4/15

LIB Employee Relations Party City $ 100.58 79120: Decorations for Staff App Day, 11/17/15 ($100.58); Shipping ($7.99)
LIB Employee Relations Oriental Trading Co $ 76.72 Decorations for Staff Appreciation Day, 11/19/15 ($76.72); Shipping ($13.99)
LIB Employee Relations The Chocolatier $ 173.68 Chocolate for Staff Appreciation Day, 11/17/15
LIB Employee Relations Kroger $ 17.94 79120: Stf App Day items-Drinks ($17.94); Plastic cups ($5.79)

HR Employee Relations Jimmy John’s $ 99.48 United Way Campaign Refreshments
HR Employee Relations Jimmy John’s $ 55.97 United Way Campaign Refreshments



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      1. There is a far reaching relationship between “un-earned” honors and “safe zones” on college campuses.

  1. WHO in this administration is getting HONORS? For what? Being as oblivious to things as a horse without standard equipment? (you know, Eyes, ears, nose,etc)

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