The race is on!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Not by accident, since it’s close to Christmas and a lot of people won’t be paying attention:

The horse race for your bucks starts at 5:00 tonight!

lane 1Lane 1:  City Employees




lane2Lane 2:  Storm Water Fund





Lane 3Lane 3:  City throwing away more money to dismiss an employee





lane 4Lane 4:  Developers




lane 5Lane 5:  City of Bloomington creates a slush fund  (ie TIF)





lane6Lane 6:  City of Bloomington (again) to raise your property taxes





lane7Lane 7:  A host of lessor projects, without bids, and some contract approvals





May I suggest you place your bets now?  Will Tari explain how the City is suing the Coliseum?  Will any Council person object to more taxes?


50 to 1 odds only 1 Alderman will object to tax increases.  3000 to 1 that Tari will explain his “error”.  That’s why he likes Open Houses – no permanent record of what he says.



7 thoughts on “The race is on!

      1. Yep–An insult to the democratic process of open government interaction with citizens. Public comment is being made a joke.

  1. Free advise to all municipal employees (elected or non) – it looks much better on your resume 10-to-20 years down the road if you resign now and turn State’s evidence, than if you sit back thinking that you are untouchable when the SHTF.

    Just sayin’.

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