City Priorities: Somebody else pays

By:  Diane Benjamin

Federal debt now stands at more the $18 Trillion.  Bloomington and the County want it higher.  Tonight the council will vote to approve a Federal Tiger grants application to expand Hamilton Road and build a Multi-Modal Transportation Center by the Law and Justice Center.

Bloomington can’t afford it, so make the entire country pay instead!  After all, if we don’t take it somebody else will.

This link has the City’s plan to fix the roads until 2020:  I wonder why the funding source is written in code with no legend interpreting what it means.  It must be a secret.

The Coliseum will continue to be subsidized, as well as all the other Quality of Life things Tari and the Council think is so vital.  Roads aren’t a priority and won’t be until the elected are replaced.

Maybe the bikers will start complaining about roads.  Citizens don’t matter – but the bikers got a Master Plan!  When Bike Blono raises a stink, maybe the Council will listen.

Meanwhile, roads aren’t a priority.  Call this number to report potholes:  (309) 434-BUMP

In other news, Nora is applying for an award!

ADMIN Other Misc Expense Paypal 3CMA $ 85.00 3CMA Award Entry- Nora Dukowitz

When she wins for paying $85.00, will Tari announce it at a Council meeting?

At your expense, the eating and traveling continues!

ADMIN City Council Expense US Conf Of Mayors $ 750.00 Business Travel – 1

ADMIN City Council Expense Hilton Hotels Adv Dep $ 603.21 Business Travel -1

ADMIN City Council Expense Rosie’s Pub $ 28.00 Business Lunch – 2 With who?

ADMIN City Council Expense Michaels Restaurant $ 9 .95 Business Lunch – 1 With who?

ADMIN City Council Expense Rosie’s Pub $ 28.75 Business Lunch – 2 With who?

ADMIN City Council Expense Rosie’s Pub $ 29.50 Business Lunch – 2 With who?

ADMIN City Council Expense Rosie’s Pub $ 24.50 Business Lunch – 2 With who?

ADMIN City Council Expense Destihl $ 46.95 Business Lunch for Tari Renner and Matt Galvin

ADMIN City Council Expense Biaggi’s $ 44.25 Business Lunch for Tari Renner with Chris Koos

ADMIN City Council Expense Michaels Restaurant $ 44.80 Business Lunch for T.Renner, K.Schmidt, S.Black & R.Vericelli

ADMIN City Council Expense Monicals Pizza $ 93.35 Business Dinner for City Council

ADMIN Other Misc Expense The Luggage Factory $ 84.99 Replacement General Office Supplies

ADMIN Other Misc Expense Hilton Orrington $ 191.12 Business Travel – 1 Who?

ADMIN Prof Develop Jewel $ 31.41 Office – Beverages

ADMIN Prof Develop Merry Anns Diner $ 8 .18 Business Lunch – 2

ADMIN Prof Develop Mclean County Chamber Of $ 80.00 Business Breakfast – 4

ADMIN Prof Develop Jewel $ 36.62 Office Supplies – Beverages

ADMIN Prof Develop Rosie’s Pub $ 10.83 Business Lunch for David Hales with Mboka Mwilambwe

ADMIN Prof Develop Jimmy John’s $ 15.44 Business Lunch for David Hales and David Sage

ADMIN Prof Develop IHOP $ 15.30 Business Breakfast for D.Hales, B.Wasson & M.Peterson

ADMIN Prof Develop A Renee Wine $ 1 1.50 Business Lunch for David Hales with Karen Schmidt




6 thoughts on “City Priorities: Somebody else pays

  1. A good friend of mine’s son and his girlfriend are moving out of state next month. They’ve lived here all of their lives. They can’t wait to get out of Illinois, out of Bloomington. All I could say is,,,good move, wise choice. Yes, the millennials are leaving.


  2. Federal TIGER Grants were meant to provide the unemployed with jobs following the 2008 economic crash while performing needed repairs to infrastructure. The Council vote tonight is to forget about applying for the TIGER Grant to extend Hamilton Rd. but instead apply for a downtown bus terminal only, which will serve less than 1% of Bloomington’s population. Somehow the McLean County Law and Justice Center is now involved as a result of the newly formed “One Voice” Commission (Bloomington, Normal and McLean County) Since the State can’t provide money for jails, it seems the County wants to use TIGER funds for the construction of a County building to serve female inmates and those with mental illness. This seems to be fraudulent use of the TIGER Grant money.


  3. FYI – I saw Renner and Koos having lunch together today at Destihl. Wonder which city’s taxpayers paid for that?!!!


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