More Atlanta corruption?

By:  Diane Benjamin

As reported HERE, the petition challenge in Atlanta was not a legal meeting since no agenda had been posted 48 hours in advance.  The Atlanta Mayor, Fred Finchum, proclaimed he didn’t know meetings required agendas.  He should immediately resign since laws are too difficult for him.

The hearing board should have three members, only two were present.  As reported, the most senior City Council Trustee Billie Cheeks’ husband died last week.  No one blames her for not being present, the mayor should have replaced her on the hearing board since by law the hearing must be held within 5 days.  When asked by the crowd when Ms. Cheeks would be available, the mayor answered he didn’t know.

Billie was evidently fine a few hours later because she did show up for the Atlanta City Council meeting the same night.  She was also seen around town during the time the hearing should have taken place.  Small towns are difficult to hide in Billie.

Let’s recap:

  1. No agenda was posted for the hearing 48 hours in advance
  2. The mayor turned the hearing over to the lawyer who was planning to explain the hearing rules and pass them – even though the meeting was illegal.  The lawyer should resign too for not knowing the law.
  3. One member of the board did not attend even though her presence was mandatory
  4. No one present could say when she would be able to attend, but she did attend a meeting later the same day
  5. The objectors to petitions took time off work to attend the illegal meeting, when rescheduled they would have to take time off again.
  6. Atlanta is violating the law by not holding a timely legal hearing

I’ve reported many times about small towns where laws are immaterial.  We saw it over and over at the Atlanta Library and now at the City of Atlanta.  A large number of citizens took it on themselves to clean up the corruption.  The objections were filed because the law was not complied with.  These citizens already saved taxpayers $200,000 when the library purchase of Union Hall was stopped.

Candidates who can not follow the law and properly file petitions won’t follow any laws.  There is more to this story. (later)  The Atlanta “swamp” isn’t going down without a fight.








4 thoughts on “More Atlanta corruption?

    1. So thankful that some of the people are waking up in Atlanta, but the evil doesn’t stop there. This disease of Evil has saturated Lincoln, all of Logan County & our whole State! Where are the Christians? Where are the people who care about their community & state?
      Complacency is running wild and there have not been enough people getting involved. We need hundreds of people attending local and county meetings. They need to be willing to stand up for what is right and to speak out!!!
      I keep praying for Holy Spirit intervention, because without Him, the hearts & minds of The People will never be able to see their wicked ways ,and Justice will never be served! Come Holy Spirit, Come!!!


  1. I don’t buy the proclaimed ignorance of those sitting on City Council and Library Board.

    The shear length of time you, Diane and the ECW have been calling these people out on public meetings violations they still haven’t gotten their acts together. You would think by now they would to do things correctly, if anything, to get the heat off them, lol.

    Keep up the good work, Diane!

    Liked by 1 person

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