Ed Burke arrested!

Maybe there is hope for Illinois!  The Feds are trying!

This story is in the Chicago papers, but since you can’t read them for free (if you reached your limit), read it here:


Ed’s wife is on the Illinois Supreme Court.

I met Ed Burke while poll watching in Chicago.  He was on the ballot, but walked in with treats for the election judges and then made the rounds shaking hands.  He was dressed like a 1920’s gangster – pinned striped suit with matching silk pocket-handkerchief and hat.  Electioneering at a polling place is a crime, but there was nobody to call.  Representatives from Lisa Madigan’s office were present making sure the election was “fair”.

This is HUGE folks!


13 thoughts on “Ed Burke arrested!

  1. Ed Burke was NOT arrested. He was charge with in Federal complaints of extortion and posted $10,000 bond. Stop getting ahead of yourself. He has not been convicted.


      1. Again, he was not arrested. Your headline is false. Mr. Burke appeared in Federal court to post bond and leave after the charges against him were read. He is not in jail or was he detained . He was not “arrested” by the FBI or anyone else.

        As far as idiots, people in Bloomington/Normal openly laughing at you on Facebook. They have your number as an empty know-nothing with a too much time on your hands. The fact that you think that if someone criticizes you, it’s somehow “crime” is laughable. Unless the Constitution and freedom of expression is somehow suspended, it’s not a crime. Your delusions are showing.


      2. You are so funny. Powerful white men get to show up in court. Charges filed mean he was arrested, he just wasn’t hauled off in cuffs like normal people would be. Funny how readership doubles every year. People want real news, the ones laughing are frequently exposed. Freedom of speech applies to government – not here. If I don’t want to post your stupidity I will delete. Gee, the Pantagraph does the same thing.


  2. It’s too bad there’s TWO kinds of machines! Those like Tweed, Pendergast, Long, Daley and Burke who work hard for THEMSELVES!
    Then there are those like Morgan, Carnegie, Astor, Guggenheim, Vanderbilt, Gates, etc who ALSO work hard for themselves, but what separates them for the former is that they are working for the GOOD of the people as a whole, whereas the the former are working for their FAVORITE charity-THEIR pants pocket!
    Don’t get me WRONG, both are working toward enriching themselves as well, but one faction has OTHERS in mind..
    And DON’t let the idiots get you down! THIS is an intelligent blog..


  3. Here’s a thought…if the permit process, business, and other government approvals were easy to complete and low cost, there’d be far less to corrupt. Therefore, less corruption. Mr. Burke allegedly tried to strong-arm a fast food franchisee into using his law firm for the permit process. You shouldn’t need to retain a firm to obtain a permit. Perhaps, a lawyer might review a document to be safe or meet for a quick strategy session here-and-there, maybe. But retain a firm?! Imagine if the permit was a straightforward process filed out by the business owner him/herself. That might mean more businesses in Illinois. Wow! That’s some crazy thinking there.


      1. It’s not like it matters anyway.

        I doubt lefties will click on a ‘fake news’ site link from CBS out of Chicago (which I found after a 2.156777 second search of Google) which states in black and white for those who can read in spite of the violent cranial explosions associated with Trump Derangement Syndrome going off in their heads (thus affecting their vision) that Alderman Burke was indeed arrested.

        They cannot help themselves. Lefties are intellectually incurious and rhetorically ill-equipped.

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