Renner’s greatest hits

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve been accumulating Renner quotes for a few days because they show his character.  If his petitions looked legitimate they wouldn’t have been challenged.  They didn’t.  If Kevin appeals the Election Commission ruling to a higher court, I bet more signatures would be thrown off.  They allow looking for patterns of fraud, the commission didn’t.

Here’s how the finally numbers came out:

  • Tari filed petitions with 785 signatures even though the maximum he was allowed to file was 783
  • 360 signatures were challenged as suspicious
  • 158 were overruled by the review board
  • Gerrard did not agree with the board not throwing out 71 of the 158
  • That leaves 581 valid signatures 480 required

That means Tari submitted 204 fraudulent signatures.  (785-581)

No, laws don’t matter.

Keep these thought in mind while reading Tari’s FAKE NEWS below:

On the first day Denise Williams (commission chair) said they needed to call St Louis and say they wouldn’t make it to a conference this week.

Can somebody please tell Tari that saved a lot of taxpayer money right there!

Tari doesn’t grasp the concept that talking issues with him is useless.  He has an agenda and he doesn’t care what citizens say.

Somebody please ask Tari how throwing him off the ballot keeps people from voting?

We know who the cheat is Tari – the guy who turned in hundreds of fraudulent signatures!

Ensuring open and honest elections is the job of every citizen.  Tari calls that cheating.

Tari’s fables:

Pantagraph  Here

Renner said after the hearing that the case was “frivolous” and “a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

“At the end of the day, we should be talking the issues and how to make the city a better place,” Renner said.

WJBC   Here

“I think it’s really sad because of someone who wants to frankly disenfranchise hundreds of their follow citizens in terms of their right to vote,” Renner said.

WGLT   Here

He called the challenge frivolous.

“I think it’s unfortunate that some people, frankly on the extreme fringes of the right, want to cheat their way into elections,” said Renner.

Vidette  Here

“We should be talking about how we can improve Bloomington. Instead we are derailing from the real issues by this piousness distraction by this small group of very negative people,” Renner said.

“The challenge being made is trying to deprive hundreds of Bloomington community members of their fundamental rights,” Renner said.

Renner recalled having a previous encounter with Gerrard three years ago when he tried to take over the city council meeting. Renner explained that “no one was surprised.”  (PROVEN INCORRECT)

“I thought I could find common ground and reason with them, but I have come to the realization that, unfortunately, I can’t,” Renner said.

6 thoughts on “Renner’s greatest hits

  1. It’s funny (not really), that all of a sudden, for the first time, he’s NOW talking about focusing on what’s important to the citizens. In one Pgraph article, he even mentioned we should be spending time and resources on ROADS AND SEWERS instead of this “frivolous” challenge to his legitimacy.

    Whatever, Tari. We see thru you.


    1. Last election cycle Renner promised to fix the roads. As soon as he was elected, he raised all of the existing taxes and added more. Then he started to spend $$ on the feasibility of a downtown hotel and streets scape with signage. He used tax dollar incentives to have HiVee, Kroger and Dicks Sporting Goods move to Bloomington. A structural deficit developed under his watch which resulted in another major sales tax increase. The worst thing is he doesn’t realize that the purchasing property by the government is not economic development. As long as a lot of the tax revenue is given to developers and retailers, there will be not be enough for traditional government services. Those have to be paid for with additional fees.


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