Local “Democrats” prove their intelligence

By: Diane Benjamin

Only one guy filed petitions to run for Sheriff in November. The Democrats have no one running, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appoint someone to be on the November ballot. Libertarians could too.

Meanwhile, the local leftists are challenging the petitions of some Republicans who filed for County Board. They aren’t smart enough to realize the local GOP can just put their names back on the November ballot if any happen to get tossed off the ballot for EXTRMEME technicalities, I hear not numbering pages. Parties can appoint whoever they want if no one is running.

They didn’t challenge a Republican who couldn’t get put back on the ballot for filing with a much more egregious problem. Too late now to do anything about that one. Good job clowns.

Now the Democrats will cost you money because a hearing has to be held for every challenge. I’ve heard there are seven. It appears the left is expecting to be wiped out in November and now are grasping at anything they can to prevent it. They already lost this round before it happens.

The local GOP should hold a pre-filing party to make sure every filing is accurate. The rules are ridiculous, especially for time filers. A second opinion can’t hurt.

9 thoughts on “Local “Democrats” prove their intelligence

  1. You’re hilarious since you cost people money all the time with your FOIA request for this clown blog. As far as Republican all they have is culture wars which they whine about constantly. Absolutely no one is teaching grade school and high school kids law school courses in redlining….


    1. Thanks for playing! FOIA’s produce information government doesn’t necessarily want public. This stunt doesn’t do anything. Keep think CRT is only in law school. Everyone can’t be highly educated on current issues.


  2. Imagine that. The County Chair could have a get together to help candidates make sure their filing documents are in order. Well, I bet the Chair could even file their papers for them. What novel thoughts.


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