James Fisher is on the ballot!

The hard part is over – getting on the ballot!

Jim now has a website: https://jamesfisher91st.com/

He also has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100079458038412

(James Fisher – Freedom for Illinois)

Invite Jim to speak to your group. Look over his website and ask him questions! [email protected] 

Now it is up to Primary voters in the 91st District on June 28th. Do you want the GOP represented in November by Jim Fisher or Scott Preston? I know who the IL GOP as anointed! (Take a Guess)

The video below might help you decide. Preston is on record saying he’s fine forcing people who don’t want to speak on Agenda items during Public comment wait until the end of a meeting. This video is from the March 19, 2020 meeting – it lasted for 3 hours and twenty minutes. Preston is okay with making you sit around for hours waiting for the Council to finish their “business”. He represents citizens? Listen to the entire 1:30 clip, Preston digs a DEEP hole!

3 thoughts on “James Fisher is on the ballot!

  1. Scott Preston has a long record of spending taxpayer money on amenities, then raising taxes or mortgaging to pay for them. Destroying my grandchildren’s future.

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    1. Plenty of places close by outside of Illinois to move. Would highly recommend your next of kin do it sooner rather than later so they do have a future. Staying in BN and hoping it will change for the good is damming your loved ones to a future of mediocrity or worse.

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  2. Scott Preston refused to come to listen to us 1 Normal Plaza (aka Soldiers and Sailors Park) neighbors when the council wanted to change the zoning so one of the Mayor’s pals could open a bar in the park. He said the Mayor asked him not to speak directly to his constituents. If Scott wouldn’t talk to us as a trustee, then I have no faith he will be any different as a state rep. Scott is an obedient puppy of Koos. I have no respect for Koos and by extension none for puppy Preston.

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