Schools Boards let their power disappear

By: Diane Benjamin

School Boards exists because they are elected by THE PEOPLE to watch and control what happens in government run schools.

In Illinois many elected school board members are told “Let the professionals handle running the schools”. Sound familiar, as in “professional staff”?

New Board members are indoctrinated with a trip to Chicago where they are told they have no power. Does it make sense elected offices were created to rubber-stamp whatever the un-elected want?

This document is from the State Board of Board of Education website:

The ISBE website is loaded with documents on many subjects, this is just one showing what courses have to be taught.

Guess what is listed over and over and over? District Superintendents are never mentioned as decision makers, School Boards are – here are a few:

No where does this document say the “professionals” tell the School Board what to think.

The “professionals” have proven they will teach your kids whatever they want. They expect the Elected Board representing the rest of us to sit down and shut up.

When new School Board members are elected next year, don’t fall for the garbage coming your way. The power is yours, not hired staff.

The easiest way to fix public schools is SCHOOL CHOICE. The power needs removed from the “professionals” and put back in the hands of the people funding them. Start with School Boards reclaiming their authority.

Understand now why Barry Reilly tried to get Fitzgerald Samedy to withdraw from the ballot?

Reilly wanted to prevent a member he couldn’t control from being elected. He lost.

Start reading the ISBE website is you are planning to run for School Board. Know your rights and responsibilities so you can’t be pushed around.








One thought on “Schools Boards let their power disappear

  1. Citizens should all appreciate your hard work. you do a great job illustrating bad government spending and loss of freedoms in America. Our representee’s lavish spending on amenities not impowered by our Constitution, threaten the stability our global economy. At the very least, we are indenturing future generations into becoming “tax slaves”.
    Citizens should well educate there Selfs before voting. Schools represent 65% of your property taxes.

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