Yesterday was Bill of Rights Day-Except in District 87: Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin

See Part 1:

Barry Reilly tried to get Fitzgerald Sameday to withdraw from the School Board election, some of the email exchanges are already public like the one below. Reilly went so far as to send Fitzgerald the forms he needed to get his name removed from the ballot:

Last April there were 4 open seats on the School Board with 4 people on the ballot. Barry Reilly knew Fitzgerald Samedy would be elected it he didn’t withdraw. Reilly DIDN’T want him on the Board. I can prove that statement with this email I received by FOIA from Reilly to the School Board:

Reilly stated in this email he spent an hour on the phone trying to get Samedy to withdraw. He also told the board they would get to interview to fill the open seat, even saying he wants someone like Kiasha (Henry), former school board member.

Barry Reilly is an employee of the School Board. Just like other units of government, he has stacked the School Board with people HE wants to control. Fitzgerald was not wanted, Reilly did everything possible to not allow him on the Board.

From the Illinois Election Law:

How is what Barry Reilly did not Election Interference? He opposed the nomination of a person for public office! That’s a class 4 felony.

Barry Reilly knew I received the FOIA proving his antics. Did he abuse Shane McCurdy to deflect from his own violations? Keep in mind the School Board meeting in question happened 3 months before the Board decided to ban Shane from the property!

That is some really serious fear!

Reilly knew about my FOIA, other emails were illegally redacted – I received totally blacked-out pages. They are hiding information. The FOIA showed 2 school board members, Brigette Gibson and Tamara Houtzel, were closely following what Reilly was doing.

Below is the FOIA I received, many pages are completely redacted which violates the FOIA law. I asked them to re-read the law and comply, of course no response. Barry is planning to move to “the lake” however. If the emails I posted above are hard to read, see them in the document below.

District 87 will be sued for the illegal redactions, either by me or the law firm I contacted.

3 seats are up for election in 2023. They need to be filled by parents who the new Superintendent doesn’t hand pick!








10 thoughts on “Yesterday was Bill of Rights Day-Except in District 87: Part 2

  1. Isn’t it illegal to use the District 87 email system for private business, i.e setting up appointments with realtors?

      1. How many times have we heard this? “Public funds, and public property are for public business only” (paraphrasing). I don’t believe selecting a realtor to find a house for you to buy is public business.

  2. Reilly, and others in BN like him in leadership positions, know they can get away with breaking the law or worse, so they do. Nothing ever happens to a school principal or superintendent, mayor, city manager, public transit supervisor, Chamber or EDC head. You can take everyone of these positions and find someone that held them that was involved in some type of illegal or inappropriate behavior while holding them. Nothing ever happened to any of them of consequence. All these types are joined at the hip in BN. They do what they want when they want because they run in the same circles as those that would prosecute them or were charged with convicting them. Never has happened and never will.

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