The video you WANT to see

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is the video from the beginning of the meeting – up until when the police were called.  Almost everything you need to know about what happened this morning at the Bloomington Election Commission hearing is in this video.  I have more video I may post later.  The Edgar County Watchdogs also have video they will probably post.  I will link to that when it’s available.

Compare this to what the press will be reporting!  This is what WGLT reported:

So far the Pantagraph and WJBC haven’t reported.  The other local station doesn’t do original news.

Watchdogs 1 – BEC lawyer O


21 thoughts on “The video you WANT to see

    1. Just another pompous lawyer that thinks he knows everything. And we the taxpayers are paying for this guy. 🙁

  1. Geesh! Post the meeting time and agenda. How difficult can that be? One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Being able to grasp and follow simple instruction should be included in any admittance to civil service positions. For starters, please prove that you are smarter than a 5th grader. Wait, please prove that you are smarter than my two year old nephew.

  2. OMG this is so great. It’s clear these folks are not used to being challenged….shows so much opportunity for people to STOP them if we’d just stand up to them.

  3. Who is this attorney? WGLT says he’s a Bloomington attorney, Robert Day, yet I can’t find any attorney by that name in Bloomington or Normal. I looked on the McLean Co Bar Association web site and he’s not listed there. They only one by that name I can find anywhere close is attorney Robert Day in Peoria. He’s obviously not very bright, but can someone enlighten me where in the the world the Bloomington Election Commission came up with him and how much he’s costing the taxpayers?

    1. He is from Peoria . Of course WGLT is always”right” when reporting facts. Gag! Just WGLT and The P-Rag purposely let out the fact that my calling Renner an a-hole to his face was my retort to an insult from a Renner. Both WGLT and the Pantagraph left off that part out of their stories The local media and Renner sure do have an incestous relationship in this city.

  4. No “Breaking News” story from the Pantagraph. The WGLT article had a nice spin though. What a circus–bring in the clowns and acrobats.

      1. The comments on the Pantagraph article though. “Outside agitators,” etc. Don’t they even care that these people are either grossly incompetent or are being outright deceptive?

  5. Case study in wrongdoing that should be sent to those lawyers that represented Tari Renner at the Illinois Municipal League Convention seminar class on the “Blogosphere” for next year’s class. It contains exactly what is repeated all over Illinois everywhere whenever illegal activity is reported by citizens: (1) denial of obvious wrongdoing by a public official (2) denial of obvious wrongdoing by the attorney of the public body doing the wrongdoing (3) Cover-up and lying and misrepresentation of fact by the news media. AND THEY WONDER WHY THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA WRITING NEGATIVE ARTICLES ON GOVERNMENT ACTIONS???

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