BEC-The Saga continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is the video shot by John Kraft of Edgar County Watchdogs at the meeting to hear the protest to Renner’s petitions.  John kept the video running after the meeting was recessed.  At 6:48 Jason Chambers, State’s Attorney, announced he was not going to intervene because his office would be responsible for prosecuting if the meeting was illegal.  He did the right thing.  At 11:59 Robert Day, the BEC lawyer, is discussing the people disrupting the meeting with the Bloomington Police officer.  The video I posted yesterday is difficult to hear, this is a little better.

A guy from WGLT was sitting next to John Kraft.  The Pantagraph reporter was across the room.  Both reported Kevin Gerrard called Renner a name, it is on the tape.  Gerrard was responding to something Renner said to him.  Both WGLT and the Pantagraph left that out, however I can’t hear what Renner said.  The comments are on this tape at 16:50.

WGLT reported the Bloomington Police and a Sheriff showed up.  The video clearly shows two Bloomington Police officers, no one from the Sheriff’s department came.  The first policeman called his Lieutenant because he wasn’t sure what he should do.   This more proof the local media is incompetent!  TV10 from ISU also reported.  They put Kirk Allen’s name on the screen while Robert Day was being interviewed:

Obviously citizens need to video every meeting themselves.  It could be the only proof of what really happened.


The short video below was taken to prove the Bloomington Election Commission recessed into another Open Meetings Act violation.  Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs can be heard saying this meeting is illegal, Tari Renner can also be heard telling Kirk that he gets things wrong.  Note, Tari thought it was just fine the Commission met against the law to discuss how to proceed.  This is the equivalent of you getting stopped for speeding, telling the officer you are very late for work, and expecting to not get a ticket.  Either laws apply to both citizens and government or they shouldn’t apply to anybody!  Tari, since the meeting was rescheduled for Thursday, Kirk was right.


Do you want to live in a City where government doesn’t have to follow the law?





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  1. WELCOME TO ILLINOIS I have seen violations either covered up or allowed to continue again and again because of a total lack of proper law enforcement action. This is why corruption continues. An honest citizen is more likely to be harassed and punished for opposing wrongdoing than the wrongdoer. It is true that occasionally we see the laws enforced properly, but not that often.

  2. The first question that comes to mind is why it takes a citizen from another city (Edgar County Watchdogs) to pursue, address and take charge of violations that occur in Bloomington? Yet there appears to be a room full of Bloomington citizens present as nothing more than spectators.
    Maybe that’s the reason Bloomington government is what it is.

  3. The first question that comes to mind is why it takes a citizen from another city (Edgar County Watchdogs) to pursue, address and take charge of violations that occur in Bloomington? Yet there appears to be a room full of Bloomington citizens present as
    nothing more than spectators.
    Maybe that’s the reason Bloomington government is what it is.

    1. If I had done what Kirk and John did, I would have been completely ignored. They got the meeting shut down, I would have needed to lean on the State’s attorney or Attorney General, neither of which act promptly to resolve issues.

      1. Both of which are dedicated associates of the “elitist club” and won’t do what’s right for the citizens anyway. That’s how they roll. Much thanks to the ECW for helping us out.

  4. Skunk,
    I believe a more thorough understanding of the process is necessary before you apply your analysis-
    Had there been a “legal” meeting commenced and in progress, your point may have some validity.
    However, the meeting, pursuant to the agenda that was never posted per legal requirements, was deemed illegal and never commenced.
    Therefore, any comments that were made at those proceedings were not “public comment”, but dialogue between citizens, etc.
    Therefore, your observation is inaccurate.

      1. I apologize for my oversight.
        However, as BLN News replied, the facts are that whether or not it is stated in the Agenda for Thursday’s meeting, Illinois law permits public comment at all public meetings.
        Thanks, and accept my apologies, please.

  5. Another source of information and perspective from the FB page of Tari Renner for Mayor
    posted 17 hrs ago.

    Dear Friends,
    I want to take this opportunity to assure every single voter in Bloomington who signed my petitions that your voice will be heard! Democracy is about providing voters with choices on the ballot and I am proud to live in a civically minded community with so many interested in bettering the City. I was humbled to turn in nearly 800 signatures from my fellow citizens.
    This morning, my political opponents decided that it was worth trying to disenfranchise voters who rightfully engaged in the process. The voters who signed my petitions come from all walks of life. No matter their backgrounds, these voters share the desire to have their voices heard as part of our democratic process. I respect the right to due process, and I am confident that the Bloomington Election Commission will conduct a fair hearing based on merit and facts. I want every resident in Bloomington to know that your participation matters. Regardless if you signed my petitions or one of my opponent’s petitions, I believe every voter should have their voice heard. Please don’t be discouraged by those that wish to limit your options on Election Day.
    I am very grateful to have the honor to serve as your Mayor and I look forward to engaging in a issue-centered election. Your involvement and support for our great City is what makes this such a wonderful community. Thank you to all of you who have reached out to me personally and for your ongoing support. It’s people like you who get engaged and involved, that make Bloomington a great place to live, work, and play.
    All the best,
    “Hearing On Mayor’s Nominating Petition Delayed”, WGLT:…/hearing-mayors-nominating-petition-delayed

    1. The link to WGLT in the above comment seems to have been taken down…”can’t be found.” The comments on the FB page are priceless…to be had with whine and cheese. I’m not sure any of the commenters on the FB page were at the hearing, understand the OMA or the law governing the collection of signatures. These people are supposedly well educate, civic minded, followers of Renner.

    2. “It’s people like you who get engaged and involved, that make Bloomington a great place,,,” but only if they agree with you Mr. Renner. Otherwise what you show is you wish they more or less be damned. Let’s’s think back to the attempt to stifle citizen comment, the verbal attacks on Judy Stearns while serving as an alderwoman, the internet degradation of Diane Benjamin, the farce of NIOT oath, etc. Mr. Renner you are the poster child for what is FAKE in this world. Pathetic.

    3. Why Tari, some of us did become engaged and involved! What we found out did this exercise vetting your Petitions is that just a little less than half of your Petition signatures are no good. Rule # 1 Tari when selecting people to circulate your Petitions, be selective!! Some of your Circulators really did you no favors. I’ll leave you with this Tari, excluding two Petitions that were overlooked by accident (which only account for about a dozen signatures which we gave you credit for) the remaining signatures, every single one was cross checked for voter registration status and signature comparison against the voters registration record. We only dinged you for obvious signature discrepancies (forgeries) and the rest were unregistered voters, illegible signatures, & missing addresses. Now keep spinning your lies Mayor, the facts are the facts in this case. It all boils down to these errors made by your people and you. Take accountability for your sloppy Petition gathering, and get off your high horse.

  6. Hahahaha I just had to laugh again about calling the police. I keep remembering the scene in the TV show “Hot In Cleveland” when Betty White says ”you just had to call the police” or something like that. LOL

    Dang and even the mayor dressed up to. Did he have cologne on also? He missed shaking the hand of Diane I saw toward the end. I thought for sure he was going to. LOL.

    I can understand people making honest mistakes but this takes the cake so to speak. A hired attorney yelping about a meeting and hearing that isn’t even legal. Now that was hilarious.

  7. Because the BEC finally realized that their attempt to meet was in violation of the OMA, then why did they do the lottery for the placement of names on the ballot? Are those results valid if the meeting was determined to be in violation of the law? Thank you for any information. I’m new to this site and am finding it very enlightening!

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