Tari, I finally have time to get to you!

By: Diane Benjamin

Tari’s greatest lies part I lost count: https://www.cities929.com/steve-suess-podcast/

Tari Renner’s interview with Steve Suess starts around 45:00.

Lie #1

Nobody has ever stated your entire police force is corrupt. I stated a bad cop can make ALL of them look bad.

Lie #2

Diane makes stuff up. Since Tari claimed he doesn’t read BlnNews he wouldn’t know documentation for every claim is included in stories.

Lie #3

Tari thinks I have tried to ruin people’s careers. Public servants who don’t act like public servants need a new career Tari!

Lie #4

Tari claimed he decorated his office with private art on loan from area galleries. This one is too easy. Renner announced at a Council meeting “There is a new art gallery”. His office. https://blnnews.com/2014/02/26/mayorrenner-commits-a-felony-2/

The art was For Sale, City Hall even had a price list until they found out that is illegal. See the agreements with local artists here:

So, Tari was not only picking winners and losers he was showing artwork for his “winners” at City Hall. No surprise Jason Chamber didn’t prosecute, we have two sets of laws depending on who you are.

Lie #5

Tari claimed $10’s of thousands of dollars were spent challenging his petitions for reelection. He also claimed they quit counting when he had enough valid signatures and only 2 were thrown out. Another easy to discredit statement on behalf of Mayor Renner.

See this Pantagraph article: https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/bec-rules-in-favor-of-renner-challenge-remains/article_ba7e8698-0db9-5fa3-b225-4346a4b3cce1.html

I didn’t challenge anything, Kevin Gerrard did. As stated above, 199 of 360 were ruled valid. Tari, since you don’t teach math: 161 signatures were thrown out. (360-199) Tari, that is way more than TWO!

Lie #6

Renner claimed I had NOTHING to do with the Coliseum prosecutions. Sure Tari, rewriting history doesn’t work. You ignored obvious problems that I pointed out for more than a year. I could tell just from the documents CIAM produced on-line there were problems. The City if Bloomington buried their heads underground and would have just signed a new contract with the managers if a lot of people in the City didn’t know the truth. Repeat this lie often enough and nobody is going to believe it.

Obviously investigators had access to more information than I did. If the City had protected their asset instead of allowing destruction of records they would have had even more. You failed Tari!

The lies continued in part 2, the above was all from the first segment.

Since Part 2 was about the Watchdog investigation, I will let them rebut Tari instead of me.

Tari probably doesn’t remember, but he lied to me the first time I met him. He had participated in a Camp Obama at ISU. I asked him what he spoke about there, I knew the answer (I frequently do when I ask questions!). Tari said he explained the Iowa Caucus procedures. He didn’t. He talked about community organizing. See how I knew in this story: https://blnnews.com/2013/02/25/vetting-tari-renner-obama/

Supposed Public Service and lying is the reason your 8 years gave me a lot to write about. You did it to your self Tari. I could write a book just on you.

Imagine if Tari had gotten his downtown hotel and conference center approved! It would have been mostly empty for a year.

4 thoughts on “Tari, I finally have time to get to you!

  1. I would love to see somebody interview Tari with an opponent on air at same time. With a fact checker in the discussion. Just to hear him explode when he gets called out for lying with documented proof.

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  2. Renner is a disingenuous little snake. He’s done the damage he was sent here to do. When his term is up, he’ll undoubtedly resign from IWU, leave town and slither off to collect his reward. That’s what little communists do.

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    1. I said to a friend not long ago – “And I’ll bet he’ll leave town and retire from Wesleyan at the end of May”. I wonder what’s next on his bucket list of ways he can destroy towns. Something tells me one of the bigger swamp toads has promised him something for doing such a fine job here in Bloomington.

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  3. Tari claimed it cost the City thousands upon thousands of tax dollars when I challenged his re-election signatures. I’d like to see him prove that and quantify the costs to the city. I’d say they were very low, if any. The BEC election officials are appointees of his, I don’t recall see any costs associated with them doing their job. The cost he is bellyaching about is his personal attorneys costs. It cost him around $8k to defend himself. The city didn’t pay that cost. He did, and he wouldn’t shut up about it shorty after the end of this matter was settled. Funny, one man, who Tari appointed to a board, but was later taken off the board for having a felony conviction, admitted under my repeated questioning that he forged his wife’s signature. At first, he Iied under oath and threat of perjury, then he admitted to forging the signature. Both felonies. Jason Chambers, then States Attorney, was sitting in the room the entire time. Nothing was done to this man. The Board was nice, but it appeared they were confused at times. So was their attorney who objected to videotaping the hearing. Of course it’s legal to videotape a public hearing. The Board took a break and they were seen having a private meeting to discuss the matter in another room. I believe that’s not legal. Guess who Tari’s Biggest supporter was? Jesse Smart!. Jesse had a very long stare-down with me just prior to the hearing. He testified as a character witness for Tari. You just can’t make this stuff up!

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