White people can’t understand

By: Diane Benjamin

The Normal Township races are ones citizens know little about. They likely don’t know much of what the Township even does or why it exists. It is another layer of government Illinois is famous for, we have way too many.

Normal Township is where Supervisor Sarah Grammer went after two candidates to get them off the ballot. Both had no problem with petition signatures, they had both failed to file new Statements of Economic Interest with their petitions. Both had that form on file with the County already so they thought they didn’t have to. Both candidates are running as write-ins now.

Amy Conklin is the current Township Clerk, Ray Roop is a Trustee now. This is what the ballot will look like, I marked who I would vote for because they are fiscal conservatives. Research the other yourself, some are socialists:

The local McLean County Republicans held a debate, of course the debate was one sided because the Democrats didn’t attend. They did “plant” people to ask questions though.

The new theme for the left is successful white people can’t possibly know what minorities face. The three Republicans on the ballot responded, just hit play to hear them.

If minorities believe they can never succeed because the Democrat Party tells them they can’t, they never will. Goal achieved. The American Dream can be achieved by anyone, democrats would rather play race politics.

3 thoughts on “White people can’t understand

  1. The soft bigotry of low expectations and artificial advancements, the Deomcrat party are masters of it. they absolutely MUST have an “oppressed” class of people that they can “help” in order to continue to exist. It’s sick really when you think about it. I think I’ve mentioned here before that I am a “walk-away”. I too fell for the Democrat nonsense for decades, I was dumb as a rock and thought I was brilliant until I finally started researching and learning the truth around 10 years ago, the truth about the left that the media buries and hides behind a kind and compassionate facade.

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