Is Normal giving FREE storage?

By: Diane Benjamin

Warriner St – Home of Public Works Building

Reports are these have been parked on Town of Normal property for months. Let’s guess who approved this:

  • The mayor who owns a bike shop?
  • The mayor who constantly bills citizens for more bike trails?
  • City Manager?
  • Public Works Director?

More questions:

  • Are they paying rent? Likely no because it would have been offered to the public too.
  • Did the Council approve this arrangement? That would be no.
  • Is the mayor profiting from this arrangement?
  • Who decides who gets free stuff from the Town and who gets charged?
  • Who is going to pay if something happens to these trailers while parked on Town property?
  • Is this just another fleece in the Koos Friends and Family plan?

Got your free stuff yet from Normal?

Don’t be sad, somebody has to pay the bills.

The good news is: Normal finally changed the tax status of this property. They won’t be paying property taxes anymore on their own property.

11 thoughts on “Is Normal giving FREE storage?

  1. OMG – What makes this even more amazing is the fact that the Town of Normal will attack residents for parking your own personal trailer anywhere on your own personal property and issue you “Trailer Parking Violations” until you pay to park your trailer somewhere else!

    Koos the Bike Clown is at it Again!!
    And WE the Tax Payers will pay for his nonsense!
    Maybe he will have another Koos Original Protestor Sale for those of us who don’t like his dishonesty and misuse of our tax dollars!

  2. Another slap in the face of;
    – Mini-Storage businesses who have to compete against the town who does no have to worry about thing like taxes, overhead or expenses.
    -Residents and other not-for-profits who pay for a place to park their trailers because they are not part of the Mayor’s club.
    – Taxpayers who watch the corruption of a mayor and town staff that blatantly gives special favors with taxpayer assets and dollars with zero worry of accountability or consequence.

  3. Why am I not surprised a bike group gets this freebie?

    I wonder if they buy exclusively from the mayor’s bike shop in return for free storage and the other stuff we don’t know about.

  4. Who knew this was going on? The manager, director, mayor, staff. How deep does the swamp go?

    1. Deeper than you think. McCarthy’s “business” is behind the whole Bike BloNo crowd.

  5. @ WTF??

    It seems as though Diane is the only one “investigating this stuff”
    And it makes the Normal Democrats angry when she exposes their theft and abuse.

    I don’t know if there is any legal recourse OR if tax payers are just supposed to ignore it and keep paying their imposed higher taxes!

    Maybe the States Attorney? …I honestly don’t know who is supposed to investigate this stuff.

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