Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Citizens will see the three new Council members for the first time tonight: Sheila Montney, Nick Becker, and Tom Crumpler.

Bills and Payroll:

Bloomington has been trying to avoid hiring consultants to find candidates, evidently whatever they are looking for hasn’t been found because they are back to paying to find employees:

Buying local? Nope, this Nursery is located in New York.

Since the Council never questions payments, nobody will ask about this one:

Charged to Administration/Community Relations – was the community invited?


Relatively boring meeting! This is exactly what government should be. The less they do to take more of your money and control your life – the better your life is. You make better decisions than bureaucrats do.

Presented will be “The Hub” that will supposedly allow all City business to be conducted in one spot at the Government Center.

Tim Gleason is also modifying the COVID ordinance since Pritzker is loosening restrictions.

A code of conduct or holding Jenn Carrillo responsible for her threats is not on the agenda.

Likely Gleason wants to go easy on the new members at their first meeting.

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