Local DSA in education

By: Diane Benjamin

I stumbled onto this page weeks ago: https://keywiki.org/Democratic_Socialists_of_America_Bloomington-Normal

It proves you should be worried about sending your kids to college at ISU or Heartland. One of the members of the local Democratic Socialists of America was just elected to the Heartland Board: https://www.heartland.edu/about/trustees.html

Supporting Bernie Sanders is all you need to understand how dangerous DSA is. Bernie is a communist who spent his honeymoon in the old Soviet Union. Bernie isn’t for freedom and liberty, neither is DSA.

There are lots of other names on the site, note where they work. I wonder why Sarah Grammer didn’t list where she works?

See the site for more names.

If you think these people aren’t recruiting for DSA you are choosing to remain clueless.

The schools are infiltrated because that’s where kids can be convinced they are entitled to free stuff. They can be convinced they deserve equity instead of equality.

If you send your kids to college with American values and they return as socialists or worse, this proves why. Your tax dollars are funding their indoctrination.

16 thoughts on “Local DSA in education

  1. Good Grief!
    From the list of DSA members – Juliet Lynd and Alejandro Enriquez are a married couple (or they used to be) and they are both also members of the ISU faculty (or they used to be). I wonder why they decided against advertising their affiliation with ISU?
    In college, it is all about theory – not so much about reality! Socialism must seem appealing in theory, but we all know that is not the reality!

  2. I think as the “woke” movement goes, so goes the Democrat Socialists.
    People are starting to wake up about woke and the foundation is beginning to crack.

  3. Jeff Crabill is front and center in the photo from the wiki page. Of course, Jenn Carrillo was the Senior Campaign manager for the OPC…
    I wonder when the group will begin to devour itself as history has shown what happens with Socialist leadership…

    1. It tells you everything you need to know when the local major employers have zero problems with their employees making spectacles of themselves in their free time. Used to your personal behavior outside the workplace was a reflection on your employer. Today, not so much. If Crabill was preaching about God in the public square, State Farm would look at it as an action requiring a warning and if done a second time an offense requiring dismissal. Jeff could be filmed beating an old man to death in his BLM t-shirt while blocking a public street and SF wouldn’t do a thing. SF would look at it as an expression of Crabill’s freedom of speech and give him a raise at his next review. That’s the world we all live in.

  4. Why are you lying? Why are you posting incorrect information? Bernie Sanders did NOT “Honeymoon” in the Soviet Union. When he was the mayor of Burlington Vermont, he traveled to the country with a sister city event. Sanders is NOT a communist. He is an Independent who caucus with the Democrat.

    If you seriously think your a journalist, you would correct your post.

        1. Oops, deleted again. Don’t use the New York Times as a source, they covered up the holocaust. Bet you didn’t know that. They are the reason fake news exist. The rest of the media pretends they print truth so they mimic them. I don’t have time to show you where you are completely uninformed, therefore your comments will continue to be deleted.

    1. Roblox Player
      As a socialist supporter, what is it that you like about this political belief?

      1. Roblox Player,
        We can agree on one thing, we live in the most wonderful country in the world. Where liberty, freedom and justice are the DNA of our existence. You have freedom to pursue your dream of a society ruled by the government even though it opposes freedom for all, liberty and justice. Government by the people and for all people will prevail.

  5. Since these folks like Bernie and are LOOKING for “free stuff” I say give them a pair of gloves and send them to Siberia, and they can write us about their NEW home in a Socialist country.

  6. Imagine that…a supermajority of the “leadership” of DSA work for a college or university. What a surprise! It’s an environment where their politics are never subject to questioning or critical thought. Universities and colleges consider themselves cosmopolitan and worldly when in reality they practice an insular form of parochialism where only a single set of thought is welcome. Other prospectives are not only unwelcome, but they and their supporters are attacked.

    1. FYI,
      Here’s a good piece on the state of diversity training and CRT in our universities and elsewhere. The things the new socialist democrat party think are so wonderful. Next time you are lambasted for not believing in CRT or the equity culture you can ask a few good questions.

      Basically the current research shows – it doesn’t work and it sometime harms. The organization Heterodoxy Academy is a great source for spin free, social scientific information on the biases in our education system.
      By the way it was originally started by a self proclaimed liberal, Jonathan Haidt who hates the republican party.

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