Not even trying to hide them!

By: Diane Benjamin

Propublica is a website that has every tax return filed for non-profits:

Even if the non-profit files a short form return, they have it.

Friends of the Constitution Trail has tax returns filed:

At the end of 2020 they were sitting on $276,842 with no outstanding debt. The return looks like they are happy to just collect money every year on their investments except for a 2020 investment loss of $13,850. It also shows Pat Bullard as president instead of Pat Dullard.

There are not tax returns for Bike Blono! They were incorporated in Illinois as a non-profit in 2013, there should be tax returns especially since they bought these that are still parked at the Normal Public Works Building today:

Photo taken 8/18/2022

There is nothing filed under McBlono either. I wonder how these were purchased? Patrick Dullard needs to explain where the tax returns are for his organization!

Chris Koos needs to explain why his buddy can park their trailers on Public Property:

(a)  Public funds, property or credit shall be used only for public purposes.
Illinois Constitution
Article 8 Section 1

Somebody should file a police report (Sheriff) and demand it be turned over to the State’s Attorney’s office.






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