Highlighting Great Teachers

By: Diane Benjamin

If you know a great local teacher let me know!

I was told about one at Normal West: John Bierbaum, Social Studies Teacher.

Bierbaum also teaches civics the way it should be taught, no ideology just facts.

Your kids have one chance to learn about their country, they will learn truth in Bierbaum’s classes.

10 thoughts on “Highlighting Great Teachers

  1. My kids went to Normal West. They said that Bierbaum is really involved with the Not In our Town group that’s infiltrated our schools with their marxist BS. I heard he was also involved in organizing all those Black Lives Matter marches at West a few years back. Like my grandpa used to say, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

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    1. Bierbaum is essentially another Patrick Lawler; just hasn’t tried to run for office yet. He has been less visible than Lawler, but as Save Our Schools states has been one of the primary organizers of many of the Marxist leaning initiatives for high school students going on in the twin cities over many years. He is definitely tied into Black Lives Matter as well as the NIOT gang. Bottom line is that if the teacher is a Social Studies, English, or History teacher in the Unit 5 or District 87school districts chances are pretty high that the person is an indoctrinator and not a teacher.

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  2. You don’t give a damn about teachers. You have regularly denigrated them and the work they do. Give me a break, you couldn’t do the job of a teacher if you life depended on it…


    1. Many are the parents who homeschool, without a teaching certificate or an indoctrination medal! They teach from a love for their children, a love of education, from a love of God and a love of their country. You are apparently not informed enough to know this or that most homeschool children are far better educated and intelligent than public school children because they are actually taught the facts of the basics and more. They also have a higher regard for life and their fellow man. They score higher on tests and achieve more than public school children. You do not need to have a teaching certificate to teach your children well so they can succeed. It’s very apparent you can’t be an activist and teach children to be independent thinkers and true facts about history and government without your hatred and bias ruining any true learning and independent intellectual thought. I won’t even get started on your twisted science! Why are CRT, gender confusion, comprehensive sex Ed and leftist activism being taught as necessary curriculum in public schools? Marxist ideology! Why do the teachers union say whites will be the first to be laid off or let go. Bias , hatred, ignorance!! Everyone isn’t equal, some are smarter, stronger and more hard working and your utopia is a nightmare!

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      1. Agree. Just cause you are licensed as a so called educator and teacher does not mean you can’t teach others outside of organizations like the school systems.

        Lotsa money flow ::: at the expense of the taxpayers and kids. Decades of the same things go on


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