Is Normal Racist? Patrick Dullard?

By: Diane Benjamin

Patrick Dullard is quoted in this story saying he is challenging the referendum because he wants to preserve his right to vote for every Trustee in the Town of Normal:

The circulators will prove on Monday Dullard is wrong about his other claims.

Dullard wants to deny the right of every citizen to be represented by a Trustee who lives where they live.

What does the National NAACP say about At-Large elections?

Is Patrick Dullard a racists since he wants to preserve At-Large voting when the NAACP and courts have ruled that discriminatory? Since Koos and others on the Council have declared they are against districts, are they racist too?

US Census data as of 2020 is now available in an interactive map:

Zoom into Normal and the results prove Blacks/Afro Americans have no representation since no Trustees live where the majority live:

By challenging the referendum to create districts, and therefore fair representation for all residents, Patrick Dullard via Chris Koos wants to make sure minorities aren’t represented where they live.

Was Chemberly Harris (formerly Cummings) upset when the Town took down the Jelani Day memorial? It seems like a good time to review this article:






4 thoughts on “Is Normal Racist? Patrick Dullard?

  1. I’m a black man that moved to normal almost 20 years ago. I wouldn’t call the town racist, just out of touch with the realities of the day.

    The town has grown so much. Till recent matters with road and water supply in certain parts of town I wasn’t aware that we didn’t really have representation for each of the areas in town .

    We also have way too many elected officials that are too comfortable in their positions.

    I would welcome switching to a ward system if it means we get rid of the situation we have now where the town council just rubber stamps whatever Koos wants.

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  2. Not sure I’d go as far as labeling Patrick Dullard a racist. What I will say for certain is that he did not write the challenge to all of this himself. It’s written by an attorney that Koos put forward to stop it dead in its tracks. Not sure who wrote it. Maybe Paul Harmon, AJ Zimmerman??? My money’s on Brian Day while on the city payroll. All of it is classic Chris Koos maneuvering. A ward system is his greatest nightmare. This is going to be entertaining to say the least.

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  3. This guy is already a part of the “in crowd” with his bike everything groups. Now we won’t get representation on the west side because this prick thinks he is more important than anyone else. Racists don’t want minorites to have ballot access. Maybe he doesn’t realize he is being racist but actions speak louder than words. In this day and age, I’m shocked anyone would put in writing so publicly that they have racist tendencies like this guy did.

    Remember he is buddy-buddy with Kris Koos. Kris must not want minorities on the council unless they come from the “white part of town”.

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    “Under this approach, candidates for the Public Service Commission must reside in one of the five districts they are running to represent, yet voters from across Georgia may cast ballots for all five seats, a method that can make it more difficult for racial minorities to elect candidates of their choosing,” the report continued


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