What the referendum really is:

By: Diane Benjamin

Putting a referendum on the ballot to ask if voters want to elect Trustees by districts instead of at-large is nothing more then a:

Those who want to prevent a Yes or No question from being on the ballot what to prevent voters from having that choice.

Isn’t it nice to have representation by people who don’t want your opinion?

Have you seen the Town of Normal’s public comment policy history and current policy? Obviously they have never wanted to hear your opinion.

Challenging the petitions means they don’t have a reason as to why citizens should vote no – other than we don’t like it. Kathleen Lorenz is against districts, she is running for re-election next year. Don’t forget who doesn’t want you to have a voice. Take notes.

Please come on Monday at 3:00 in the Normal Council Chambers to witness history.




4 thoughts on “What the referendum really is:

  1. Kathleen running again is disappointing. I will never forgive her for her Benedict Arnold move and reversing her vote and hiking property taxes. Lorenz is the Josh Barnett of the Normal Council.

  2. If the referendum passes I believe Mayor Koos and the other control freaks with the help of state run media wglt will put out propaganda that the voters were given bad information and the vote simply shouldn’t count. Plan on them having a second referendum. To control freaks like Koos elections don’t count unless their side wins.

  3. Note whenever kathy lorenz is “ACTING” contrite, reasonable, or thoughtful IT’S ALL AN ACT because she knows she’s up for re-election. Will she continue to claim she’s a Republican? She’s NEVER demonstrated ANY Republican values. She’s is NOT fiscally responsible in any way!

  4. That outfit never ceases to amaze me with the B.S. they come up with!!!  Hoping someone will have the courage to stand against them soon!


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