3:00 TODAY

By: Diane Benjamin

This is another round in Normal’s effort to not allow their citizens a choice. Koos and company do not want you to be able to decide if Trustees should be elected At-Large or in Districts. Government closest to the people is the most representative government. Obviously Normal doesn’t want you to have your own representative!

Patrick Dullard filed a response to what David Shestokas filed which called Dullard’s signature check illegal.

Funny that he wants Normal Attorney Brian Day to be a witness for him:

Why was Brian Day at the Town Clerk’s office when Dullard filed? Because Day is advising him? Is Brian Day the attorney for both Dullard and the Town? 3 witnesses heard Dullard ask Day about a court case during the marathon signature review, Dullard said Day had told him about a case. Really Brian Day?

I hear Day looked very uncomfortable when that happened, like in “I’ve been exposed“.

David Shestokas has been involved in hundreds of ballet challenge cases, Brian Day hasn’t. David knows the law, is Day is trying to prevent citizens from having a choice via Patrick Dullard? The filings look suspiciously like Dullard was advised by an attorney!

Citizens should be asking themselves why Koos doesn’t want you to have a choice!

The only remaining question is how long it will take Normal to throw the referendum off the ballot so a filing can be made in Circuit Court. Angie Huonker should resign from the Election Commission since she took part in the signature check and made decisions pertaining to validity of signatures. She can’t act as judge and jury.

Brian Day is tainted. Angie Huonker is tainted. Kevin McCarthy didn’t show up at the first hearing.

Dullard’s objection should be dismissed today. Koos never does what promotes democracy so I doubt that will happen. Obviously Koos has no argument for not allowing citizens a choice.

Citizens need to witness this farce themselves – 3:00 in the Council Chambers on the 4th floor. I will be filming.

Please help fund David Shestokas!

The Town of Normal is fighting with unlimited taxpayer money, Citizens For a Better Normal need citizens!

To donate by check: 

Citizens for a Districting Normal

21 Grandview Drive

Normal, IL  61761-4071

Go Fund Me is available on the website https://betternormal-il.com/support-us.   Note:  Go Fund Me reduces the impact of your donation to cover their service fee, so we prefer you mail a check.





17 thoughts on “3:00 TODAY

  1. How can Dullard not have his own attorney? How can Brian Day be Dullard’s attorney AND the attorney for the Town of Normal? Conflict of interest big time! If this entire charade and sham doesn’t demonstrate for all to see how contemptible these people are, what else will. They positively HATE the Citizens of Normal and their own actions make it patently obvious

    1. other than cope and seethe , the sheepish taxpayer can’t do a thing about it either. Now back to work Wagies , u got taxes to pay.

  2. They’re not even trying to hide breaking the law and ethical boundaries. The list of people who need fired or put in jail is growing. The council rubber stampers are just watching this happen, what the hell good are they? I hope everyone sees how SILENT Scott Preston is. He is showing he is incapable of fighting any corruption in Springfield!

    1. Kathleen Lorenz announced she is running again. She is showing she’s on the side of the fence that condones corruption and government ignoring laws. Whatever is necessary to keep the Koos agenda on track and F#$% the taxpayers, is Kathleen’s M.O.

    1. But we lucked out that the only time everyone was available for the (hopefully) final episode was 7pm tonight, so that should be fun! The 3pm meetings have been better attended than most evening Town Council meetings, so I would be too surprised if they had to open an overflow room for tonight!

  3. So we’re suppose to mail in check to whom? Who’s pocketing this cash? Citizens for a better Normal isn’t even a registered PAC.

      1. If they have a bank account, they have to have a tax ID, so it has to be Something or someone.
        Not trying to feed the trolls who want to imply this is our little local equivalent to the Black Lives Matter scam, just pushing the truth whether it’s something I like or not.’
        As for ‘pocketing the money’, decent local attorneys charge $200/hr if you’re lucky, and that was as of several years ago so that’s probably low. David is nationally known and down from the Chicago area. He believes in our fight so may be reducing his fee, but even using lowball estimates of time and rate it would already be well into the thousands of dollars. More realistic estimates at full rate could already be tens of thousands.
        If somebody’s looking to ‘pocket the money’, it would be much easier to have asked Pam to divert some of her half-million-dollar slush fund (last I knew, not sure if that’s current) to have killed the idea of bringing in a good attorney so that the objection might have stood a chance.

      2. Really? How stupid you do think people are? Someone threw up a website that doesn’t say who is behind this and where the money is going. The fact that you didn’t really answer my question about who is pocketing this cash people are sending. Where is the cash is going. We’re suppose to mail a check to an address in Normal so it’s going to someone. Don’t tell me no one is pocketing the cash. Just because someone has a bank account doesn’t tell me anything. This is incredibly fishy.

  4. I cannot believe the completely arrogant kathy lorenz the bobblehead is running again? She must like being used by kingkoos and queenpam. She must like being told what to think and what to say. Pathetic.

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