2023 Local Elections: April 4

By: Diane Benjamin

I am convinced Illinois has local elections so close to national elections to discourage voting. It works! Turnout is dismal.

In Bloomington only 21.89% of voters showed up for the 4/6/2021 election. That was higher than usual because a mayor was being elected.

The rest of the County turnout was 20.32%. Both of those numbers are dismal considering these elected offices are the ones that tax you directly!

The next local election is April 4, 2023. Ask for help if you are planning to run for School Board or Town/City Council. It looks like 2 seats are up for election on the Heartland Community College Board too. Information about running everywhere in McLean County except Bloomington has been posted on the McLean County Clerk website:


I don’t see information on the Bloomington Election Commission website yet for 2023.

(Add this to the list of why they need abolished)

This is a link to the only mention of the 4/4/2023 election: https://bloomingtonelectionsil.gov/consolidated-primary/

Darren Bailey’s campaign is recruiting poll watchers for the November election: https://baileyforillinois.com/electionintegrity/

EVERY ballot needs watched!




5 thoughts on “2023 Local Elections: April 4

  1. Actually Democrats from the federal level on down have tried to pass legislation making ALL voting days a holiday so more can vote.


  2. Ballot petitioning for some races starts Today! Some start next month.
    Remember who has supported mis-spending and who has opposed it.
    Remember who supported government over-reaction to the virus that caused more death and suffering than the virus itself, and who opposed it.
    Remember who has actively supported government reform like the districting petition, and who opposed it.
    Honest, outsider candidates desperately need your support – your vote, your word of mouth, your signs etc, and the money to make it all happen.

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