Tonight! 7:00

By: Diane Benjamin

There were even more people at yesterday’s hearing than at the first meeting.

Of course tonight’s meeting won’t be Live Streamed, so you need to be there. Standing Room only would send a powerful message!

I will be there filming.

Please help fund David Shestokas!

All donations are being deposited in an account under the name: Citizens For a Better Normal. Any additional money will be used to inform citizens about the referendum once it is on the ballot.

The Town of Normal is fighting with unlimited taxpayer money, Citizens For a Better Normal need citizens!

To donate by check: 

Citizens for Districting Normal

21 Grandview Drive

Normal, IL  61761-4071

Go Fund Me is available on the website   Note:  Go Fund Me reduces the impact of your donation to cover their service fee, so we prefer you mail a check.





3 thoughts on “Tonight! 7:00

    1. If you’re afraid to openly support voters’ rights in Normal because of the nasty, vindictive natures of those who oppose it, then yes, you can send a check to any of us and we’ll gladly forward your money on.

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