Should be final hearing tonight, but will it be?

By: Diane Benjamin

I could post more video and clips from yesterday’s hearing but you can watch the whole meeting courtesy of Doug Fansler in this story:

My internet was down when I got home so I’m grateful to Doug for sending me what he recorded!

Attorney David Shestokas is worth every dime he will be paid for representing Citizens for a Better Normal.

David had to tell Chris Koos that his motion to Strike and Dismiss should be heard first since that motion relieves having to settle other issues. The only two items considered were Patrick Dullard’s claims that Normal is not a Village and his unspecific claim the petitions don’t have enough signatures.

According to State law, Normal is not a Town because towns required the election of the Clerk, Assessor, Collector, and Supervisor. Normal doesn’t elect any of those and since Normal isn’t a City, the only option is a Village. Just hit play below to hear Shestokas:

Shestokas next took on the blanket signature objection made by Patrick Dullard. Failing to specify which signatures need validated means there is nothing to investigate. David reiterated the law that states Dullard can not amend his initial challenge by law.

The hearing will resume tonight at 7:00. It should be over but if Koos and company decide to twist facts and keep this charade going we will end up in court where he will be laughed out the door.

One more cute item:

Patrick Dullard is upset some people from outside of Normal circulated petitions. Shestokas read the law stating the only requirements for circulators if being 18 years of age and a citizen. Dullard thinks outside forces are trying to change his “village”.

Maybe Dullard can explain why he testified at a Public Hearing in Bloomington a few years ago:

I think that’s called a hypocrite Patrick.





5 thoughts on “Should be final hearing tonight, but will it be?

  1. I want to know why Dullard went into the city of Bloomington to offer testimony? He lives in Normal, not Bloomington. Residents of Normal shouldn’t be allowed to offer testimony in Bloomington. Right Patrick?

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  2. Dullard is a typical Democrat hypocrite. It is ok for them to do something, but when the tables are turned they have a total shit-fit if we do the exact same thing. His selfish logic is why I will not be voting for anyone with a D by their name. (In Dullards defense, some Republicans are dullards, but that is a gamble I am willing to take.)

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  3. Dullard should be locked in the “old time” stocks & placed on the Roundabout for all to see what a fool he is!!! 🤪



  4. Equating advocating for a bike plan as an officer of Friends of the Trail and Bike Blono with trying to change the way a community is governed. Shouldn’t be surprised.


  5. Did Koos know this whole time in office that Normal does not meet the state requirements as a Town ? What a putz !

    Either he didn’t know and he’s an ignorant fool
    He DID know and misrepresented himself and the community the whole time ..

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