Illinois Energy self-inflicted shortage

By: Diane Benjamin

All Illinois has to do is look at the destruction going “green” has caused in Europe. People are going to freeze to death this winter because of fossil fuel shortages. We can’t help out with natural gas because of Biden’s war on fossil fuels.

Illinois could be just as bad.

Excerpt from this story:

“We are facing an immediate manmade crisis as politicians destroy Illinois’ robust energy market and unnecessarily endanger our once-reliable and clean and low-cost power,” he said. “I sat through hours of alarming committee hearings today. Here’s what is obvious: Democrats knew the passage of the CEJA would result in increased costs and unreliable power. At this hearing back in April 2021, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association said that if the Clean Energy Jobs Act passed, they would not know how Illinois’ energy needs would be met. This is a manmade crisis by politicians focused on ideological goals of unreliable renewable energy at the expense of real solutions. What was also obvious from the testimony was a total lack of planning and foresight by multiple bureaucracies that are supposed to work together in ensuring we have the energy we need. Make no mistake, this problem is decades in the making.”

Do you want a government that intentionally inflicts pain on its citizens? How’s your electricity bill? It’s a man-made democrat crisis that you have to pay for.

For more disturbing news see this story:


BP Indiana Refinery Plant in Indiana Offline due to electrical fire (that plant generates 25% of all Midwest capacity, 430,000 barrels); 4 Midwestern states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin) might face gas shortage.

We haven’t built new refineries in decades because of environmentalist. Make sure you blame the right people when no gas is available and you can’t afford to pay your electric bill! Vote accordingly!

One more website to read – from the State of Illinois. Climate is caused by the SUN. Cities are warmer because of concrete that holds warmth.





5 thoughts on “Illinois Energy self-inflicted shortage

  1. Naw, double, triple utility bills and shut downs probably won’t even wake them up, they are too concerned that a couple documents might have been mishandled or every protocol may not have been followed to the letter for declassification of some little memo or the like, because well Trump and his followers are the REAL problem.. The price of propane has skyrocketed too so that little indoor safe propane tent heater you bought is gonna cost a lot to keep your one 10×10 room reasonably warm too. Maybe Jennifer Granholm can come on and tell them how they can keep warm using only a couple of tea lights, oh, oops, nope can’t do that, because now there’s a candle shortage…there isn’t one RIGHT now that I know of but the demand is going to likely be high, so you might want to stock up.

  2. Diane I just received an interesting article today from NASA talking about the real cause of global warming, I don’t have your e-mail but if you send it to me I will forward the article to you.

  3. In all honesty this is self inflicted. When voters do NOT vote they allow the same corrupt people back in office. No matter if it’s local,state or federal , if you stay home on Election Day you will continue to live with the consequences!

  4. Frontier Communication back in July pushing the garbage ESG aka Environmental, social, and corporate governance notified me they were going to charge $2.90 to send a printed billing statement.

    Oh yeah let me help you achieve that goal of also not having to send a service person out and service a phone and internet outage by dropping your DSL and landline.

    The truth is China doesn’t care. India doesn’t care. Burn coal baby burn.

    I am wondering if the IRS would seriously investigate Democrat Pritziker and other Democrats for possible tax fraud. Revenge is sweet. Those new IRS agents I figure need some work to do.

    How many more digits is the question will my electric bill have each month because of these environmental Democrats.

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