Off to court

The electoral board decided to toss the referendum because they think Normal is a town

Of course law as stated is immaterial!

Video later,

7 thoughts on “Off to court

  1. Given the left’s propensity for changing the meaning of words to suit their needs, this is not at all surprising. Words have no meaning anymore.

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  2. “In Normal we plan our work and work our plan.” They’re working their plan.

    All along this was the plan. They’d use the town vs village defense; just needed someone to bring it forward so they recruited Patrick Dullard. I don’t think there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind this is how it went down. They’re not even hiding it. It’s blatantly obvious.

    Yes, this is headed to court, but even if the citizens win (which they will), they’ve already lost. It’s a sad day in the town of Normal when citizens need to hire an attorney to stand up to their government.

    Government by the Normal Town Council, for the Normal Town Council and of the Normal Town Council. Or, should I say village?

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