Kording moves hearing to Monday

By: Diane Benjamin

A Zoom hearing was held this morning to hear the filing by the State’s Attorneys office representing County Clerk Kathy Michael. She is bound by Federal Law to mail ballots to service members 45 days before the election. She can’t print the ballots before the referendum issue is decided or risk having to re-print them.

A hearing has been scheduled for 2:30 on Monday instead of next Friday. Judge Kording does not know if he will be able to rule on Monday but he is going to try. Patrick Dullard’s attorney is going to file something today and David Shestokas has until Sunday to respond.

We don’t know what courtroom the hearing will be in. Kording’s usual courtroom isn’t big enough so he will find a different room. We need the courtroom packed. Kording stated he has never heard an election case before.

I can prove Koos and company know they are going to lose, but I can’t provide details yet. Stay tuned.





7 thoughts on “Kording moves hearing to Monday

  1. I am disappointed that there is even an effort to deny voters from answering this question.

    “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” – Declaration of Independence.

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  2. I have purchased a blank Halloween mask and will paint it to look like Chris Koos, dressed in an orange jumpsuit I’ll be in uppity town Oct. 31st. I’ll be acting like a horses arse to confirm my character. Also you’re invited to stop by the bike shop for pictures and autographs about mid nite as I’ll be there howling at the moon.

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  3. Judge Kording will likely rule in favor of allowing the referendum question on the ballot. Shestokas’ legal argument is sound. Historically, the judicial system in similar cases prudently favors support for the electoral process. There are legal remedies available to undo election results if appropriate, none if the electorate was denied when the question was kept off the ballot.

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