SAFE-T act facts

By: Diane Benjamin

Even though law enforcement officials across Illinois are speaking out about this pro-criminal anti-police law the McLean County Democrats posted this on Facebook:

This bill was passed in the middle of the night at the end of a lame duck session in January 2021. Conveniently is goes into effect after the November election on January 1, 2023.

You can see an extensive summary of the bill here.

Many aspects handcuff the police, the worse to me being complaints against specific officers can be made anonymously. Evidently the right question your accuser won’t exist for law enforcement in Illinois. Will that be abused? Obviously!

This is a link to the actual law on Denial of Bail in Non-Proportionable Felony Offenses:

One statement is repeated over and over:

How will State’s Attorneys prove “specific” person or persons will be in danger if a suspected felon is released?

Democrats didn’t read this bill before it was passed – they didn’t have time. Police in Chicago are handcuffed and crime has now moved into the best neighborhoods. This bill does the same thing to law enforcement across Illinois.

Read the top of the Democrat’s post: Judges have the ability to hold anyone they think is a danger to the community. That isn’t true unless it is proven “specific” person or persons are in danger. The community isn’t “specific”. Maybe they should have read the bill before passing it.





11 thoughts on “SAFE-T act facts

  1. If the “specific person” was killed by the suspect then the courts cannot prove the suspect is a threat to any other “specific person” so the suspect must be let go.

    If the serial rape or assault victim is in the hospital under protective custody then the courts cannot prove the suspect is a threat to any other “specific person and the suspect must be let go.

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  2. You do realize that someone NOW with those felony charges can make bail if they have the money? Whether or not a detainee qualifies for pretrial release depends on how the judge decides. If the suspect is deemed a flight risk or a risk of endangerment to the community, he or she could remain behind bars.
    Under the PFA, the hearings will be more intensive. Defendants are given a right to legal representation and prosecutors can detail their reasons for continued detention.

    “One of the primary goals of the law is to make sure that we’re having in-depth, detailed hearings when we’re taking away someone’s freedom,” said Sarah Staudt, an advocate with the Chicago Appleseed Center for Fair Courts, which worked with lawmakers on the bill.

    Prosecutors wishing to keep an individual detained would petition the court for pretrial detention.Once the PFA is implemented, between 44,000 and 70,000 individuals per year will be eligible for initial detention, the report estimated.

    About 70 percent of those would be in relation to domestic violence or violations of order of protections, according to the study, which is one reason the SAFE-T Act had support from anti-domestic violence groups.
    The language allows a judge to deny pretrial release if a defendant is a danger to an individual or the community and is accused of non-probational offenses such as first-degree murder, as well as aggravated arson, residential burglary, stalking, domestic battery, certain gun offenses and several specified sex offenses.

    While misdemeanors and other low-level offenses are generally non-detainable under the new law, all charges become detainable if the defendant is already on pretrial release, probation or parole.

    The language also allows detention for individuals charged with a forcible felony “for which a sentence of imprisonment, without probation, periodic imprisonment or conditional discharge, is required by law upon conviction.”. You are misrepresenting this legislation.


  3. A lot of humor is based on uncomfortable truths. Probably the best classic example of this is that most guys who are lost really do refuse to stop and ask for directions. More recently there was “What’s the difference between a right-wing conspiracy theory and a confirmed fact? About 8 months.” This needs a corollary: “What’s the difference between disinformation and truth? The label.” I don’t think I have the best punchline there, so very open to suggestions…

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  4. “You do realize that someone NOW with those felony charges can make bail if they have the money?” Much is realized by those blessed with the ability to think critically as per what bail originally represents. Obviously new blueboy, old consistent librarian hack cannot think.

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